Rapper Shouts out Browns’ Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry After Celebration

Getty Browns wide receivers Rashard Higgins, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver super-duo of Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. made some major noise against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, combining for three touchdowns and 232 receiving yards.

After two of the touchdowns, Landry and Beckham broke into a “BOP” celebration they picked up from the music video made by DaBaby.

“We liked the song and saw the video,” Landry told reporters of the celebration. “We got a group chat and texted all the other wide receivers. Someone put it in the group text, and we were like ‘We got to do it.’”

DaBaby responded to the duo showing him some love on the field in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“BOP. Billboard Top 10. Urban Radio Top 15. Got the NFL & NBA goin CRAZY. Preciate the support fellas,” he wrote, tagging Beckham and Landry.

Odell Beckham Finding Improved Chemistry With Baker Mayfield

Beckham is no stranger to celebrations. He’s been had some notable ones over the years, including a few that resulted in fines. 

However, Beckham hasn’t had much reason to celebrate in his first season with the Browns. The touchdown against the Dolphins was just his second of the season and the first in eight weeks.

That being said, the Browns have made a more concerted effort to include Beckham in recent weeks.

“I think Odell and Baker did a good job of being where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there, and Baker did a good job of getting the ball to him,” Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens said after the victory against the Dolphins. “Our offensive line did a good job of protecting the passer, and then they did a good job of finishing the catches. It was good today. They executed today at a high level. It is what we need moving forward.”

After being targeted a combined 13 times against the Broncos and Patriots, Beckham has 30 the last three weeks. In all this season, he has 54 catches for 776 yards. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was happy to see OBJ back in the end zone on Sunday.

“It was good,” Mayfield said. “It was a little play-action. It was just a normal progression read. They decided to drop into a zone coverage that Tennessee ran and just robbed it a little bit, and Odell had an angle on a guy and leverage on him. He made a play. Put it up for him, and he made a great play.”

Browns Still Confident of Playoff Possibility

After a stunning 24-19 loss to the Broncos on Nov. 3, the Browns playoff prospects were looking grim at 2-6. However, the Browns have reeled off a trio of wins and have a chance to move at .500 this week against the Steelers.

Mayfield commended the Browns for battling through the adversity of the season.

“It is not about what the adversity is, it is what you do with it, and I have said that. I goes throughout life,” Mayfield said. “It goes throughout this season. It goes for our situation that happened last week. It is what you do with it, how you handle it and how you move forward. I have always said the most important play is the next one, no matter good or bad. This team is doing a good job of that and the singular focus that I keep stressing on. We keep moving forward.”

The Browns are two-point favorites against the Steelers this week, just two weeks removed from beating their AFC North rival 21-7.

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