Kevin Love: Carmelo Anthony ‘a Legend’ & Return to NBA Is ‘Great’

Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony

Getty Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony made headlines when it was announced by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Nov 14, 2019, that the 10-time NBA All-Star would be joining the Portland Trail Blazers.

It was also announced during the Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks broadcast on TNT by Allie LaForce.

“Portland is signing Carmelo Anthony according to Adrian Wojnarowski, he just sent out a tweet about 15 minutes ago. Saying that it is official and that it is a non-guaranteed contract – keep in mind it has been over a year since Carmelo Anthony last played a game. His last game was November 8th, 2018, and among active players has the second most scored points trailing only LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA,” said LaForce.

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Kevin Love Recently Weighed-in on Anthony’s Return to the NBA

During a recent trip to Dallas, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love shared his thoughts on Carmelo returning to the NBA.

“I love to see Melo [Carmelo Anthony] back,” Love told Fanatics View. “He is so great for this league. I grew not only watching Melo play but playing against him. He kicked our a** a bunch of times in this league, so I’m happy to see him back on a team that needs him. Especially at the position, because they have a couple of guys out hurt. Obviously, [Zach] Collins is out [Hassan] Whiteside, Dame [Damian Lillard] with back spasms right now. Don’t know how many games he is missing, but Melo is a legend and it’s great to see him back, its great for the league.”

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Last season, I spoke to Love about whether or not Melo’s game could still be effective in today’s game.

“Absolutely! Melo’s game translates, and he is another guy I respect and admired for a really long time. The way he approaches the game, and I think it is always tough to see these savvy veterans get a bad name with a 24-hour news cycle. But Melo can still bring a hell of a lot to a team, and if you get him on the right team, there is going to be a lot of firepower for those guys,” Love told me.

The Blazers and Cavaliers played each other on Saturday night, and Melo scored 11 points with two rebounds and one assist. The Blazers lost 110-104 on the road.

Reggie Miller Thinks Carmelo is a Great Fit in Portland

Two weeks ago, Miller shared his opinion on the Trail Blazers’ decision to add the future Hall of Famer to their roster.

“Well, number one – good for him [Anthony]. It’s been a while, and I’m surprised it has taken this long. I think it’s a great destination for him because right now, the Blazers don’t look like the same team that went to the Western Conference Finals a year ago.” Miller stated.

“They need some more scoring between [CJ] McCollum and Dame Lillard. They lost a lot of pieces with the injuries to Zach Collins, and you lose Al-Farouq Aminu, and Seth Curry was on that team last year. So, this is a great destination for Carmelo.”

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