Clippers Patrick Beverley Makes NBA History in Thriller Game Against the Boston Celtics

Patrick Beverley

Getty Images Patrick Beverley #21 of the Los Angeles Clippers

In last night’s thriller game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics the Clippers came up on top in overtime, 107-104. The game was off to an exciting start as Clippers’ dynamic duo, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George made their season debut. This was the first time they both suited up together this season due to George being out for the first 11 games with shoulder injuries and Leonard being out for load management.

The player that ultimately edged the Clippers over the Celtics was Patrick Beverley. He put up crucial shots at the end of the game and logged in a game-high of 41 minutes. Beverley tacked on a total of 14 points, 16 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and a pair of blocks. According to Clippers reporter Jovan Buha, “Beverley is only the third starting guard in NBA history to have 16+ rebounds, 7+ assists, 3+ steals and 2+ blocks in a game since steals and blocks were first recorded in 1973-74, according to Elias Sports Bureau.” He ended the game 5-11 from the field and 4-7 from the three. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers acknowledged Beverley’s stellar performance.

Per Farbod Esnaashari of Forbes Rivers said in a post game interview, “We gave Patrick Beverley the game ball. He single-handedly willed this game.”

Patrick Beverley Steals the Show

Beverley came in clutch towards the end of the game as he scored an open three at the corner with only 43.4 seconds left in overtime to secure a five-point lead over the Celtics, 107-102.

Esnaashari detailed George’s comments on Beverley’s performance.

“You saw 16 rebounds, he probably he three big threes in a row. Pat makes winning plays,” George said.

Patrick Beverley also had an Oscar winning performance for a flop he had against Jayson Tatum. Beverley was guarding Tatum when the 21-year-old took a dribble towards the hoop and grazed Beverley’s face as he was moving past him. The two-time All Defensive Team member exaggerated his flop as he snapped his neck right and grabbed the side of his face.

As reported by Esnaashari, Leonard made comments about Beverley’s defense in a post game interview.

“From past experiences, playing against him he’s a real aggressive player on the defensive end. He tries to talk and make you get technical fouls. He tries to get in your head, playing good defense,” The Klaw said.

Prior to tonight’s game, George warned the team’s competitors that they would be tough to guard with their full roster ready to play.

He said, “You can’t shrink the floor when you got me, Lou [Williams], Kawhi, Trezz,” George said per ESPN. “You just can’t shrink the floor. There is no way that guys can take themselves out of the play defensively and try to face-guard. You just can’t do that because Lou, Kawhi or myself — whoever is getting that type of defense — we are going to pick you apart and make plays offensively.”

As PG-13 predicted, the Clippers star players were double teamed which left players like Beverley open to steal the show. So far this season Beverley is averaging 7.7 points, 6.9 rebounds and three assists per game.