Cowboys Get Contract Advice for Dak Prescott From Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman Dak Prescott

Getty Troy Aikman wants Dak Prescott to get a major contract.

Dak Prescott must be doing something right for Cowboys legend Troy Aikman to provide his support for the quarterback to receive a new contract. After Prescott big performance against the Lions, Aikman took to Twiter to give the Cowboys a simple tip when it came to their negotiations with the team’s QB1.

“I say pay the man??,” Aikman noted on Twitter.

The former Cowboys quarterback mentioned this while retweeting a stat from SB Nation’s Dan Rogers comparing Prescott with Dallas legends like Tony Romo and Roger Staubach.

“Dak Prescott is averaging 308.6 yards per game this year. That’s more than Tony Romo, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, or any QB in Cowboys history has ever averaged in any season of their career,” Rogers tweeted.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Assured Fans That They Will “Figure This Out”

The one thing fans can count on is Jerry Jones to keep them updated on Cowboys news. Dak Prescott is playing on the final year of his rookie contract, but Jones has repeatedly voiced his confidence that a deal will get done. Jones implied that the front office would like Prescott to take a little less money so they could keep the team together.

“The only thing we need him to do is work with us a little bit, and I understand because it’s his money and it’s easy for someone else to say, but the only reason we’re having a negotiation is to talk him into all the reasons why it’s good to have a good supporting cast around him,” Jones told 105.3 the Fan. “Other than that, it would be really easy to write the check. It’s not saving Jerry and I any money. What we’re trying to do is keep this young football team together. We think it’s a really good one. We think it’s only going to keep getting better because it is young.”

Prescott Emphasized That Contract Talks Have No Impact on His Play

Prescott threw for 444 yards and three touchdowns while completing 63 percent of his passes against the Lions. Earlier this month, Prescott emphasized that he is not worried about the contract talks. The Cowboys quarterback noted to the Dallas News that money is “not the reason I play this game.”

“It doesn’t affect me preparing for a game or saying I’ve got to play two seasons without it,” Prescott explained to the Dallas News. “All that stuff is going to happen and when it happens it’s going to be a blessing. Yeah, I don’t have to be coached on how to prepare for that…It’s not the reason I play this game. I have people I trust handling that. When it gets done, it gets done.”

Prescott has a salary of just over $2 million for this season which is well below the market value for a starting NFL quarterback. Prescott’s four-year, $2.7 million contract is the product of the Cowboys quarterback being a fourth-round draft pick, but he is expected to receive a massive raise for the 2020 season.

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