Lions’ Matthew Stafford Throws Incredible No Look Passes [WATCH]

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford rips a pass against the Raiders.

Matthew Stafford has been playing at an incredibly high level for the Detroit Lions in 2019, and nothing illustrates that more than some fancy passes he’s been tossing during games.

While Patrick Mahomes seems to get all the love for his ability to toss the no-look pass, the Lions quarterback is similarly able to pull such feats off. In fact, Stafford was able to do it against the Oakland Raiders in pretty incredible fashion.

Here’s a look at two of Stafford’s no-look tosses from this past weekend, both of which are pretty insane.

This isn’t the first crazy throw Stafford has made even this season, and he was credited for fitting a ball into a nearly impossible window against the Kansas City Chiefs a few months back.

Mahomes gets all the love for executing such plays, but it’s clear Stafford should get some praise for finding a way to do the impossible with his arm too.

Pro Bowl Dreaming

Not only does Stafford have the throws, but he is starting to pile up the numbers which might help his case for the game. Stafford hasn’t routinely been able to state his case as a Pro Bowl player, only making one of the games in his career in 2014. He’s been an alternate before and has been invited in other years, but it would be huge for the Lions to be able to get Stafford back in the game for his own confidence and his career if he can make it outright.

Most agree the now watered down Pro Bowl is a poor litmus test for successful players, but Stafford could be heading for the game and potentially for an All-Pro nod as well if he keeps up his huge play so far this season. It would be a huge thing for a quarterback which needs to boost his resume even more.

Solid 2019 Year

Doing his best to try and shift the narrative from those who are negative about him, Stafford has been on a tear so far this season, putting up more touchdowns than interceptions while also going well over 1,000 yards already on the young season. He’s played consistent and looks the part of a guy who is ready to make the 30s the best years of his career. The Lions also have a better offense under Stafford now, as they are being led by Darrell Bevell, a guy who has worked with elite quarterbacks and elite offenses before.

This season, Stafford’s play has been a breath of fresh air for the team, and they’ve needed him playing well to have the respectable start they have had thus far. It seems the team’s new offense, which is putting up numbers and popular in the locker room, is suiting its quarterback well. Mistakes have been limited and the big plays have come more freely and frequently.

Stafford seems to be on the right track toward getting the Lions over the hump. Either way, he’s going to keep turning in impressive highlights every single week that get the attention of everybody.

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