Lions’ Matthew Stafford Made NFL Throw of the Year, Says Analyst [WATCH]

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford

One of the NFL’s new leading analysts has spoken regarding Matthew Stafford‘s amazing touchdown pass for the Detroit Lions, and it’s clear Dan Orlovsky loved what he saw from his former teammate.

In fact, according to Orlovsky, Stafford’s pass in a tight window to Kenny Golladay for a score could end up being the NFL throw of the year considering what the quarterback pulled off on the play.

Breaking down the throw, Orlovsky took some time to point out why Stafford was able to make the strike a success, and it’s clear the difficulty level that Stafford achieved was second to none.

“A lot of people are going wait, how did he make that throw? I would say it’s probably the throw of the year in the NFL,” Orlovsky says in the breakdown.

Expanding on Matthew Stafford’s Superb Throw

As for how it happened, Orlovsky credited Stafford for recognizing the defense and exploring a hole created by a subtle move that linebacker Damien Wilson made.

“Once this linebacker turns his shoulders, Stafford knows I’ve got you. Because I want to attack the weakness in this cover three defense. He puts his foot in the dirt and starts releasing this ball before this guy ever looks back. Once 54 turns his shoulders from Stafford, you’re dead to Stafford. He knows you’re beat,” Orlovsky says.

A major reason Stafford can make such throws? His massive right arm.

“Not everyone can do this. You better have a howitzer on your arm or shoulder to make this throw,” Orlovsky admits.

Indeed Stafford does possess that, as proved by the fact that the pass was hardly the only great throw he made on the day. Stafford struck late in the fourth quarter on a fade in the corner of the end zone to Golladay, and also nearly fired a third score to the wideout that was overturned when Golladay fell out of the back of the end zone and was ruled to not have possessed the football. He also hit Marvin Hall down the sideline with an insane precision pass.

Matthew Stafford’s Play & Kenny Golladay Connection

On the day, Golladay finished with 67 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. The fact that he likely should have had a third is merely another credit to Stafford and his ability to make plays.

The pass was also credited by NFL analyst Emmanuel Acho, who called it “ridiculous”.

Stafford has had his detractors through the years given his struggle to win big games and playoff games, but one thing that nobody has ever questioned is his toughness and his ability to make every single throw on the field. The Kansas City game, to this end, was yet another masterpiece for Stafford in terms of showing off his capacity to not only unleash rockets, but get the ball into any window he pleases.

Orlovsky, being he was a former quarterback of the Lions, knows Stafford and his talent level all too well, and has a major respect for what the quarterback can do with his arm.

Don’t be surprised if Stafford finds his own way to top what Orlovsky thinks was already the best throw of the NFL slate so far in 2019.

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