Reporter Suggests Raiders Make Sense to Sign Colin Kaepernick

colin kaepernick

Getty NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick’s workout is in the books and rumors about where he could sign should start heating up. The quarterback has been out of football since 2016, but based on his workout, it looks like he’s stayed in good shape. He wasn’t perfect, but he showed off some good arm strength and deep ball accuracy. The Oakland Raiders aren’t a team in need of a quarterback. However, Tom Harring of CDC Radio News seems to think the silver and black would make a lot of sense for Kaepernick.

It’s true that the Raiders have never found a fight versus the NFL that they didn’t like, but a Kaepernick addition could anger the fans more than the NFL. If Oakland signs the quarterback, then it’s no longer the NFL’s problem, it’s Mark Davis’ and Jon Gruden’s problem. If anything, the Raiders would be helping the NFL. The argument could be made that Kaepernick is an upgrade over current backup Mike Glennon. However, it seems unlikely that Oakland will show much interest.

Were the Raiders Even at His Workout?

Based on the NFL’s report of which teams were going to attend Kaepernick’s workout, the Raiders weren’t going to be there. ESPN’s Adam Schefter later reported that more than 24 teams were going to attend, but never stated which ones. There have yet to be any reports of Oakland having anybody out in Georgia for the workout.

With that said, every team is expected to receive a video of the workout and it was also live-streamed. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the Raiders showed up as they could easily get all the information they need. However, with so many teams showing up in person, it seems like the fact that Oakland didn’t make the trip would mean that it’s unlikely they have any interest.

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Should the Raiders Sign the Quarterback?

Even if it’s something the Raiders have interest in doing, they should avoid signing Kaepernick. Yes, the team has consistently shown a penchant for going against the grain, but it’s unnecessary here. Signing controversial players like Vontaze Burfict and Richie Incognito can be excused by the team because they both filled in needs. Kaepernick doesn’t fill in a need.

He’s not better than Derek Carr and never has been. He’s probably better than Mike Glennon, but only slightly. Is it worth angering many fans for a backup quarterback that’s only marginally better than your current one? Probably not.

The fact that the team has a move to Las Vegas looming should also be mentioned. Many of the California Raiders fans will probably stick with the team after the move, but they’re still going to need to win over fans in their new home. It’s true that not every fan has a problem with Kaepernick. However, there is no reason for them to even risk alienating fans. If the Raiders had a huge need at quarterback like the Chicago Bears or Miami Dolphins do, then it might be worth the risks. Derek Carr is in the midst of one of his best seasons, so a Kaepernick addition simply doesn’t make sense for a team that has already dealt with too much drama for one season.

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