Colin Kaepernick Workout: Highlights & Best Passes [WATCH]

colin kaepernick

Getty Colin Kaepernick at workout.

It has finally happened. After years of not being able to throw a football in front of NFL scouts or executives, Colin Kaepernick has finally gotten his chance. It wasn’t the smoothest ride here, but the veteran quarterback arrived at his practice field with much fanfare.

Most importantly, he got to show off his arm talent to the world during a workout in Atlanta, Georgia. He started off with some crisp short passes.

He eventually started to go a little deeper.

Then he started to connect on some impressive deep ball passes.

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Kaepernick Had to Push Back Workout

While the NFL was the organization that set up this whole workout for Kaepernick, it became clear the two sides weren’t seeing eye to eye. This led to Kaepernick’s team moving the workout to a different location and pushing back the time by an hour, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

It’s clear that a big sticking point for Kaepernick’s crew was the presence of the media. The NFL didn’t want the media to be involved and preferred to keep things close to the chest. However, Kaepernick’s side wanted as many eyes as possible on the workout as they believe it would “ensure transparency.” Kaepernick is clearly betting on himself here. If he looks bad in these drills, he probably won’t get another shot in the NFL.

The fact that there will be widespread media coverage of the workout could work against Kaepernick. NFL teams have stayed away from the quarterback because of the potential PR hit. By turning this workout into a media circus, that could deter a number of teams from even showing up. He also lost Hue Jackson, who was supposed to run drills for Kaepernick, via Mike Silver.

Kaepernick Reportedly Has Real Interest From Teams

This may not be the most conventional way a player has tried out for teams, but it’s the most realistic shot Kaepernick has had since 2016. It’s hard to not look at this workout as a publicity stunt for the NFL. That being said, it looks like there could actually be at least one team that shows genuine interest in the controversial quarterback.

According to Mike Freeman at Bleacher Report, two NFL team executives have told him that there is legitimate interest in the quarterback. They went so far as to say that they expect Kaepernick to be signed by the end of November. He hasn’t had a chance to show up for a one on one workout with a team, but if he impresses the right team, his long absence could come to an end.

The only thing that throws a wrench into this theory is the fact that if a team had real interest in him currently, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense why they wouldn’t have worked him out already. Signing him is going to bring a political firestorm for a team regardless of this Saturday workout happened or not. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s actually a team willing to take the PR hit that signing him would bring.

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