Colin Cowherd to Eagles Fans: Let Them Drink Pale Ale & Fight

Carson Wentz and Nick Foles

Getty Carson Wentz and Nick Foles remain good friends and emnbraced Thursday at midfield.

Hey Philadelphia, one loud-mouth sports talker thinks this is the worst sports town in America. Take it with a huge grain of salt.

Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports took to the airwaves on Wednesday to put Eagles fans on blast because of their lack of support for Carson Wentz. He didn’t stop there, though. Cowherd cut deeper by mocking the city as a haven for beer-guzzling, fight-starting hillbillies trapped in a cold-weather town.

According to Cowherd, the Eagles are not a good team and fans need to move on from the ghost of Nick Foles. The NFC East showdown between Philadelphia and Dallas this week is nothing more than a “meaningless” game featuring two pedestrian squads. It’s not a referendum on anything of merit. Process that.

(Editor’s note: When did Philly fans turn on Wentz? No one thinks Foles is a better quarterback). 

“This is a sports town that thought Nick Foles was a better quarterback than Carson Wentz,” Cowherd said on FOX Sports Radio. “I’m not joking. There’s no punchline. They really thought that. Nick Foles, by the way, is now carrying a clipboard for a fourth-place team.”

“Nick Foles didn’t win a game this year,” Cowherd continued. “Nick Foles got replaced by something called Gardner Minshew. This town thought Nick Foles was better than Carson Wentz. So when Philadelphia talks, you just smile. It’s not worth getting in an argument. Let them have their pale ale at the bar and get into fistfights.”

History of ‘Not Great’ Quarterbacks in Philly

Colin Cowherd continued his assault on Philadelphia as a sports town by going through a list of Eagles quarterbacks. He mentioned guys like Randall Cunningham, Ron Jaworski and Donovan McNabb. All of them were good, just not great. And Carson Wentz is the “most talented” quarterback in franchise history.

“In Philadelphia, it can be just absurd when it comes to their quarterbacks when they haven’t had very many good ones,” Cowherd said. “In fact, you could argue they never had a great one. Carson Wentz is the most talented player they have ever had at that position in the history of the city and an hour ago you thought Nick Foles was better.”

There was a tongue-in-cheek article calling this week’s Eagles-Cowboys game a referendum and the biggest of Wentz’s short career. That’s a debate for another day. The point that Cowherd was trying to make was that neither team possesses a huge amount of talent. Inevitably, one squad will win and punch a playoff ticket.

“These aren’t good enough teams to separate from anybody, but they are talented enough they can sort of mostly hang with almost anybody not named Baltimore,” Cowherd said. “There is no referendum on this game.”

Colin Cowherd Has Trashed Philly Before

This isn’t the first time Colin Cowherd has fired shots at Philly. Two years ago, he said the city “has to be the dumbest sports city in America.” His opinion hasn’t wavered.

Cowherd took aim at Philly fans for running Andy Reid out of town, plus making Terry Francona flee to Boston. He also sent a cautionary warning to Villanova’s Jay Wright as someone who they could turn on next. No one was safe.

“Are you people crazy? You ran Andy Reid out of town. You ran Terry Francona out of town,” Cowherd said in 2017. “Jay Wright’s one of the top five coaches in college basketball, you’re on him constantly. By the way, Philly was originally the nation’s capital, and you blew that, too, late 1700s. You probably ran George Washington out of town. I’m sorry.”

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