Ravens Present Game Ball to Ozzie Newsome After Win [WATCH]

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh during a game against the Browns.

The Baltimore Ravens won a big game against the Cleveland Browns which guaranteed them home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, and they had a very special moment in the locker room after the battle concluded.

After the game, John Harbaugh handed out a couple different game balls. The first was to Lamar Jackson, naturally. The second? Ozzie Newsome, the team’s former general manager and long time executive. Harbaugh paid tribute to Newsome with a game ball after the game had concluded and a great tribute, and Newsome was in attendance to watch the win.

Here’s a look at the moment:

“A guy that probably bears the most responsibility for putting us all here. Especially the players but the coaches too. His name was up in the stadium today, I don’t know who noticed it in the right corner. Ozzie Newsome,” Harbaugh roars in introduction.

Newsome then breaks down the huddle by saying “family” in what is a pretty solid moment for the Ravens. Indeed, Newsome deserves plenty of credit for putting together the team and helping them over the top. His fingerprints are all over the 2019 Ravens.

Ozzie Newsome’s Tenure in Baltimore

Newsome made the move with the former Cleveland Browns to Baltimore and was with the front office from 1991 until their relocation in 1996. Newsome had a hand in helping to put together the team that won Super Bowl XXXV and became general manager shortly after in 2002. After that, he continued to do great work for the team. While with the Ravens, Newsome presided over several moves which helped the team win, including drafting Ray Lewis, and putting together the team that also would later win Super Bowl XLVII.

As a player, Newsome is already an NFL Hall of Famer for his work in Cleveland, but his work off the field as an executive also earned him plenty of honor. As Harbaugh said, it also earned him a game ball given he was the reason plenty of coaches and players that comprise the 2019 Ravens were there because of him.

Eric DeCosta Potential NFL GM of the Year for Ravens

Newsome’s replacement, made official in 2018, is also doing a phenomenal job since taking over. According to NFL analyst Peter Schrager, the work of the front office should be given major props for the 2019 year. In fact, Schrager says that the job Eric DeCosta has done has been the best in the entire league, and he should be the general manager of the year as a result.

Here’s a look at what he had to say recently on Good Morning Football:

“I think Eric DeCosta is my pick. Not only because of what they’re doing on the field, but to think about the guys they lost, whether it be (Terrell) Suggs or Za’Darius Smith or saying goodbye to (Michael) Crabtree and John Brown and they have found a way overnight to rebuild this entire team,” Schrager said. “You get contributions from Mark Ingram, you get contributions from the rookies, Marquise Brown, and I love what they’re getting from Earl Thomas.”

As he said, the transition has been seamless in Baltimore from one regime to another.

“I think Ozzie Newsome laid the ground work, but Eric DeCosta hit a home run this offseason, all those moves are working.”

Even though that might be the case, Newsome still gets plenty of love and credit from everyone in the franchise, which is special to see.

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