EX-Warrior Andre Iguodala Weighs-in on Who is Harder to Guard The King or The Klaw

Getty Lakers' LeBron James and Clippers' Kawhi Leonard

The rivalry between Lakers forward LeBron James and Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard really dates back to the 2013 and 2014 NBA Finals as both led their teams to Championships against each other. Leonard got the last laugh, though, when his San Antonio Spurs beat James’ Miami Heat team in five games.

James would decide to return back to Cleveland after the 2014 Finals loss to Leonard and the Spurs. According to Landofbasketball.com, Leonard is 15-8 against James in their head to head matchups. Including, Leonard’s Clippers taking the first two games of the 2019-20 season from James.

Earlier this month, Stephen A. Smith reported on ESPN’s First Take, that a source told him that Kawhi said: “someone tell LeBron [to] stop being scared to guard me!”

“I was told by a very reliable source that Kawhi Leonard sat up there and said, ‘Somebody tell LeBron to stop being scared to guard me,” Smith said. “That’s what they said — that Kawhi is walking around feeling (that way).”

However, Leonard’s teammate Lou Williams later appeared to deny Smith’s report with the cap emoji. If you are unfamiliar with that emoji, it means someone is lying.

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Andre Iguodala Weighs-in on Lebron and Leonard

On Friday night, Andre Iguodala was a guest on NBA countdown and was asked who is harder to guard LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard. Iguodala would reply, LeBron James.

” I go with LeBron [James] because I think he raises the level for the other four guys on his team. Like when you see those guys go play in other places, it’s like where did they go. But, when they are out there on the court with LeBron [James] it like I have to keep my eye on this guy,” said 2015 Finals MVP.

Jalen Rose went with Kawhi Leonard instead.

“Right now, I’m going to say Kawhi [Leonard] because he is a lot more efficient in different areas, shooting the three, mid-range, scoring at the rim, and we know he is a lockdown defender. That’s my choice,” said Rose.

While Jay Williams agreed with Iggy [Andre Iguodala].

“I’m going to go with LeBron [James] because between assists and points, he combines for 53 points per game.  Dre you said it, Paul [Pierce] said it, he gets a lot of people paid. Like he makes average players look tremendous I go with LeBron [James],” said Williams.

Andre Iguodala says Lebron is harder to guard then Kawhi Leonard l NBA COUNTDOWN2020-01-25T00:36:00.000Z

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