Lions Legend Gives Strong Opinion About Darius Slay Situation

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The Detroit Lions have a tricky situation to balance with cornerback Darius Slay, who has been the subject of trade rumors in recent weeks.

A big question now is what the Lions will do either way, and if there will be some hurt feelings in the process. There are opinions on both sides of this conversation, and plenty of fans are likely frustrated at Slay for seeking more money. Don’t count former Lions wideout Herman Moore as a person who feels that way, though.

Moore provided a comment on where the Lions stand with Slay and explained that it’s good for the cornerback to be looking out for himself and seeking more money, especially during a time in life when folks need to think about their families and their futures. As a result, he doesn’t blame Slay one bit, and Moore comes through as the voice of reason regarding the situation.

Here’s what he wrote:

Indeed, while some might be tired of what they perceive as drama, it’s important to remember Slay is an elite player who plays an important position, and wants to get paid regardless. Moore’s take offers fans a chance to take a deep breath on the issue and see Slay’s side of things.

Darius Slay’s Take About Trade Rumors

After a new round of trade discussion came up this week, a bit more from the inside was revealed about Slay’s own feelings on a potential deal. As ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler revealed, a deal wouldn’t bother Slay one bit and he’d welcome a change of scenery. Additionally, Slay and the Lions could be at an impasse in terms of their own negotiations, making a deal make more sense.

This report matches with some common thoughts lately regarding Slay. The cornerback has commented about wanting to get paid, and has said that no matter what happens, he will be alright moving forward, even if he wouldn’t mind finishing his career with the Lions.

There’s a long way to go before a deal is reached, but if it happens, the cornerback will make the best of it.

Dangers Lions Have Within Darius Slay Trade

The decision to deal Slay, though, isn’t one that the team can afford to take lightly. Subtracting Slay from the mix would seemingly hamper the Lions’ chances to have an elite season in 2020 given the cornerback’s importance to the team as a whole. If Slay does go, decisions will have to be made.

Analyst Chris Burke of The Athletic explained after new Slay rumors surfaced that the Lions have a big decision to make in terms of whether to deal the top corner. If they do, the team will have to answer the question of “what’s next,” and there are few easy answers to that query. In fact, as Burke says, the move could help the Lions open another gaping hole on their roster prior to the 2020 offseason.

If the Lions do decide on a Slay trade, it’s likely the team will have to make some sort of a signing in free agency, either a Chris Harris, Byron Jones or some other large name. They might also have to look strongly in Jeffrey Okudah’s direction during the NFL Draft. A combination of these moves could help Detroit solve the problem.

Slay, however, offers the team some security in terms of everyone knowing what to expect from the player at his position. Heading into a bumpy offseason, that fact should offer some comfort to the team and their staff.

If Slay gets traded, the Lions will have a major challenge as it relates to how to react.

Count on Moore’s take remaining a good one for everyone to remember no matter what.

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