Ravens’ M&T Bank Stadium Rated High Over Game Experience

M&T Bank Stadium

Getty A shot of M&T Bank Stadium during a Ravens game.

The Baltimore Ravens had an amazing season in 2019 for more than just one reason, and their stadium is getting plenty of love now that the offseason has begun.

In a recent polling of top stadiums around the league, M&T Bank Stadium checked in quite high. It placed in the No. 2 spot in the league only trailing the New Orleans Saints. A piece at BaltimoreRavens.com by Ryan Mink explained how highly the stadium experience ranked and why the Ravens were able to land the ranking.

Clearly, folks are pleased about what’s happening on Sunday’s in Baltimore. Here’s a look:

“In the NFL’s annual Voice of the Fan survey – a poll that rates the gameday experience satisfaction of fans – the Ravens and M&T Bank Stadium ranked No. 2 overall among all teams in 2019, only trailing the New Orleans Saints.

Baltimore placed in the Top 5 in most major voting categories, and earned No. 1 ratings for:

Stadium technology
Video board content
Gameday staff
Pre-game concourse activities/fan fests outside stadium
Instant replays/in-game highlights
Highlights from around the NFL
In-game & fantasy stats

The Ravens also received exceptional marks in overall gameday entertainment (No. 2), food and beverage (No. 2), fan arrival (No. 4) and tailgate experience (No. 4).”

Obviously, folks are quite satisfied with the Baltimore situation and love the stadium as a result. It’s nice to see the team get some love for a quality gameday experience. They’ve been on the cutting edge of generating one of the most exciting pro environments around.

Winning goes a long way toward helping folks feel so positive about what goes on at a stadium, so it’s clear the Ravens have managed to do a great job in both aspects for their franchise. The investments have paid off in a major way.

Ravens Virtual Reality Dominated 2019

Part of the reason folks seem so excited with Ravens games has to do with the amazing virtual reality experience the team unveiled this season. Go to a Ravens game and you might just be attacked by a massive flying raven that swoops down from the sky to fire fans up ahead of critical plays. Such as been the case as the team has revealed their brand new virtual reality experience. To say it’s cool would be quite an understatement.

Here’s a look at the new wrinkle the Ravens have put on the stadium:

It’s terrifying enough to seem completely real, yet neat enough to get fans completely fired up in the moment. Safe to say this was one of the reasons the Ravens were able to score so high in the entertainment portion of this poll.

Ravens Excited About 2020 Season

A team can do a ton for the excitement in a stadium, and to this end, the Ravens are already ready to get their building rocking again in 2020. During the 2020 Pro Bowl in which the Ravens made quite a splash, some video surfaced with Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh mic’d up. It’s clear they are already focusing on what they can do in 2020 to make sure that this coming year is even better than 2019 was on the field.

Here’s a look at a candid moment which tells a lot about the mentality of a pair of great competitors who had their hearts broken earlier this month, yet are refusing to worry about it.

“i’m excited about the next three months,” Harbaugh says. “New beginning,” Jackson interjects. “Exactly, go to work, start from the beginning,” Harbaugh replies. “Can’t dwell on last year no more, it’s over,” Jackson says. “Right. How good can we get before we come back. Draft, scheme, individual players improving, everything,” Harbaugh finishes.

Obviously, it’s all systems go for 2020 as it relates to this duo on the field. Safe to say seeing the Ravens react in this way should fire up plenty of their fans, as there is no talk about what happened in the playoffs or getting better off of that loss.

The hope is the Ravens can continue to deliver plenty of great moments to make M&T Bank Stadium one of the most exciting yet feared places to play in the NFL.

There’s no reason to see that changing now.

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