Seahawks Provide Key Update on Jadeveon Clowney’s Free Agency

Jadeveon Clowney Seahawks

Getty Jadeveon Clowney continues to play the waiting game in free agency.

The Seattle Seahawks reiterated their commitment to re-signing star pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney. Seahawks GM John Schneider confirmed that the team would meet with Clowney’s agent during the NFL Combine.

“I think he came in, he loved the culture, loved the coaching staff, loves the chefs, loves our equipment guys,” Schneider noted, per “He’s a really fun guy. He’s a blast to be around and I hope we can continue that. Super disruptive.”

Schneider once again noted that the Seahawks would “love to have him back.” The Seahawks are not expected to franchise tag Clowney meaning they would need to agree to a long-term contract with the pass rusher.

“I had a checkout meeting with the majority of our unrestricted guys,” Schneider explained, per “We had a great talk. We’d love to have him back, obviously.”

Seahawks GM John Schneider Admitted Seattle Is Trying to Assess the “Landscape” For Jadeveon Clowney & Free Agency

Clowney is not only the Seahawks’ top priority, but he is also likely to be one of the most sought after players in free agency. The Seahawks are projected to be among the teams with the most cap space to use this offseason. Schneider admitted they are trying to assess the free agency “landscape” for Clowney and other players.

“It’s a landscape thing,” Schneider said, per “Trying to figure out—at this point last year, I thought Frank was going to be on our team. It’s really a daily or weekly process of figuring out how you’re going to put this thing together. We have some cap flexibility this year, which is great, but it’s not just about this year. It’s planning for next year and the following year as well. We have to be cognizant of where we’re going.”

Clowney battled a core muscle injury for much of last season but managed to stay on the field for the majority of games. Schneider confirmed that Clowney had successful offseason surgery to repair the injury, per The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta.

Clowney Wants to Play for a Super Bowl Contender

While money is sure to come into play, Clowney emphasized at the end of the season that he will only be considering teams that have a chance to make a Super Bowl run. Clowney noted that he “ain’t going to no team that can’t win.”

“I just want to win,” Clowney noted, per ESPN. “I’m trying to get to the Super Bowl by any means. That’s what I’m looking for: Who’s going to get me there? I ain’t looking to get on no sorry team for no money. That ain’t going to fly. I ain’t gonna put my body through all of that just to lose no 16 games, go home with my check. I’d hate that, so that ain’t what I’m doing. So if I can’t win no Super Bowl, I ain’t going to no team that can’t win.”

As for the Seahawks’ chances, Clowney also praised the environment in Seattle noting that he enjoyed his season with the team.

“It’s been great,” Clowney told ESPN. “It’s been great. Great experience. I met a great group of guys. I just told them, ‘I appreciate everyone in this locker room because I didn’t know how it was going to go when I got to Seattle’ … so I walked in laughing and giggling. They’ve been accepting me ever since. I think it was a good experience.”

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