Terrell Suggs and His Ex-Wife Have Two Kids Together

Terrell Suggs ex-wife Candace Williams

Getty Terrell Suggs of the Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs‘ Terrell Suggs suits up today to take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, and undoubtedly his two children will cheer him on. Suggs actually spent the better part of the 2019 season on the Arizona Cardinals‘ roster, until they dropped him and the Chiefs picked him up on waivers.

Before his short stint with the Cardinals organization, Suggs spent 15 years with the Baltimore Ravens, where he brought home a ring from Super Bowl XLVII. During his time with the Ravens, you could often spot Suggs’ children on the sidelines.

However, Suggs and his ex-wife Candace have had something of a rocky past. Learn more about their relationship, below.

Their Marriage Lasted Just Two Years

Suggs and then-wife Candace Williams tied the knot in late 2012, but separated in 2014 and filed for divorce in 2015. During the divorce proceedings, Williams cited infidelity as a cause for the divorce, an allegation that Suggs denied.

You can see a photo of the pair prior to their divorce in this Instagram post from 2014.

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Suggs and Williams also had two children together, a son and a daughter named Duke and Dahni. You can see a rather adorable photo of the two from 2014, below.

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They ain't about this Life!!!! Sleepy Heads!!! Dahni&Duke

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Suggs and Williams’ Domestic Abuse Allegations

During the course of their relationship, particularly prior to their marriage, Suggs and Williams often found themselves in the press for all the wrong reasons. On two instances, Williams filed for a protective order against Suggs.

The first incident occurred in 2009. Williams claimed that Suggs had physically assaulted her, and poured bleach on her and her son, who was 1 year old at the time. She later reconciled with Suggs and rescinded the protective order against him.

In the second incident in 2012, Williams claimed that Suggs had dragged her behind his car and punched her in the neck. With the protective order, the court removed seven guns from Suggs’ household. Again, she later rescinded the protective order, and actually married Suggs about a month later before divorcing in 2015.

The year after the divorce, Candace posted an explicitly-worded video ranting about Suggs’ care of their two children, but she has since deleted the post.

Suggs Works to Spend Time With His Children

Despite Candace’s criticism of his parenting, Suggs does appear to enjoy spending quality time with his two children. They are frequent-fliers on his Instagram account, and he often posts about his time with them. You can see them on their first day back at school and enjoying some indoor skydiving, below.

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