Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard Praised by Lakers’ Fan Snoop Dogg

Kawhi Leonard Caught in Strip Club with New Balance Hoodie Night Before Triple Double

Getty Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers

Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg is one of the Los Angeles Lakers‘ most notable fans. With that being said you wouldn’t expect him to say anything nice about a rival team, but that is not the case when coming to the Clippers.

During an appearance on All the Smoke last Thursday, Snoop Dogg had a lot to say about the Los Angeles Clippers Forward Kawhi Leonard.

“He don’t get rattled or nothing,” Snoop said. “They can be down by 15, and [Kawhi] will pull up, hit that mid-range, get back on D.”

Snoop also talked about Kawhi Leonard’s basketball IQ on the basketball court.

“IQ can win more than ability and skill,” he said. “When I went to The Finals against Golden State, I saw [Kawhi] work out. He was the only one shooting nothing but mid-range… If your IQ is right, you’ll hit the mid-range more than you hit the three.”

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Snoop Dogg Thinks Clippers Guard Patrick Beverly is a Goon

Later on in the episode, Snoop Dogg talks about Patrick Beverley

“That little [expletive] Beverley is a goon. I would go into the alley and slap a [expletive] auntie … He takes LeBron [James] on that last play – was so goonish, like come on man, he’s a goonie man.”

Patrick Beverley recently spoke about he impacts games, while he is on the court.

“I just try to show different ways,” Beverley said. “You have players in this league that can score. That’s good, that’s fair. What else can you do to impact the game of winning?

Even though Beverley is not now for his scoring he likes to make his presence known In other areas on the court.

“If I don’t score, you’re gonna know I was out there,” Beverley said. “If my defense isn’t there tonight, you’re going to know I was out there. That’s been my biggest thing, impact the game by any means.”

Hall of Fame guard Gary Payton work with Beverley in the offseason and said he would like to see him average 12 to points and focus on winning the Defensive Player of the Year award.

“So, I think if he can average 12 to 14 points, I think it will be really good. I think he should focus on trying to win Defensive Player of the Year because I am the only one ever to win it, and he should focus on trying to become the second one, and I think he can do it.” Payton stated.

When I spoke to Beverley earlier this season and asked him about Gary Payton’s challenge. The Clipper guard replied that is a great honor from a great like that, but collectively as a team, our defense is [expletive].

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