Jason Hanson Secures Amazing NFL Record Over Tom Brady

Jason Hanson

Getty Jason Hanson's 2011 headshot in Detroit.

Tom Brady is an NFL legend, and while he has claimed several amazing records to his credit during his time in the league, there is one that he won’t touch.

Detroit Lions legend Jason Hanson has edged Brady in one major way. It’s Hanson, not Brady, who holds the record for most games played with one team in the league including the playoffs. Hanson played 333 games with the Lions in his decorated career before it ended. Brady only made it to 326 in New England.

The stats were dredged up by the folks at Pro Football Reference, and showed just how loyal the team’s former kicker was to stick with Detroit through thick and thin, but mostly thin.

Obviously, longevity in one place didn’t matter to Brady as much as it did Hanson, who stuck it out and retired as a member of the Lions after a long and decorated career in the Motor City. Brady might have all the success and Super Bowl rings, but Hanson will always have this meaningful number over Brady.

Jason Hanson Earns College Football Hall of Fame Call

The Lions relied on Hanson for a long time. Hanson joined the squad in 1992 as a second round draft pick, and when he came to the team, nobody could have envisioned the team keeping him for the next few decades as a stable option at kicker.

Hanson was elite in the pros as well during a stellar 20 year career in Detroit. Hanson shattered multiple team records at his position while also setting impressive NFL records. Hanson has the most field goals made in NFL history from 40 yards or more (189), was the first player to score 2,000 points with one franchise, and also has the career game winning field goals in overtime (9). He also played the most games in NFL history with one team. He was also an All American at Washington State.

While Hanson himself would have likely loved to win championships, the fact is, he still had a wonderful career to note which has now led to his well deserved place within college immortality.

Jason Hanson’s Pro Hall of Fame Case

Hanson is also one of the most beloved figures in Detroit. He was nearly automatic in his career, and while the Lions didn’t get him a Super Bowl, it doesn’t seem to bother the kicker much. The only question now is if Hanson eventually becomes an NFL Hall of Famer. Kickers don’t usually crack Canton, but special exception could be made for Hanson, who has the numbers, career and stats like this in order to boost his case in the future.

It’s possible Hanson will be strongly considered to make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the years ahead when all is said and done, and it could have everything to do with the fact that he was a legendary figure that stuck it out in the Motor City and made history playing only for the Lions.

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