Ronda Rousey Takes Heat From Fans for Coronavirus Video

Ronda Rousey

Getty Ronda Rousey celebrates her victory over Cat Zingano in their UFC women's bantamweight championship bout during the UFC 184.

With the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Americans are starting to prepare for the possibility of being quarantined or locked down. One person that is seemingly ready is former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and WWE star “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. She took to Instagram and posted a video of her coronavirus preparedness.

Here is the video:

During the two clips, Rousey showed off her supply of meat, her vegetable garden, fruit and water supply, her chickens and electrical capacity. At the end of the second video, Rowdy explains that it’s important for her and her husband, former UFC heavyweight fighter Travis Browne, to live in a sustainable way.

However, some fans didn’t interpret the message of her video in that way.

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Rousey Takes Heat From Some Fans for Posting the Video

In the comment section of the post, multiple fans posted their thoughts on the video.

One individual said, “This really connects with the folks who aren’t multi-millionaires and don’t have the means, be it property or just plain ol’ money, to do this. Appreciate the well intended message and I admire RR so much, but this is borderline tone deaf.”

Another said, “I have a farm too, but I kinda feel like you’re flexing on people at a bad time. Some advice from a fan.”

One fan said, “Not everyone has millions of dollars. real humble and classy Ronda.”

Another said, “Extremely out of touch with average Americans.”

And one fan claimed, “BIGGEST FLEX OF 2020.”

Not All of the Responses to Her Post Were Negative

It’s important note that Rowdy’s post didn’t receive all negative feedback.

One fan exclaimed, “You are (expletive) living my dream, dude, I love it!!!” Another said, “You are so right ! Be prepared now not later.”

Multiple fans spammed heart and heart-eye emojis in the comment section as well.

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