Jadeveon Clowney’s Free Agent Preference Reportedly Revealed

Jadeveon Clowney

Getty The Seahawks remained in discussions with Jadeveon Clowney until he signed with the Titans.

With week three of NFL free agency on the horizon, Jadeveon Clowney remains unsigned but there is some positive Seahawks’ related news. NFL Network’s Mike Silver reported that Clowney’s preference is to remain in Seattle with “all things being equal.”

“I did have a long talk with him after that (Week 13) game with the (Minnesota) Vikings last year,” Silver explained to ESPN 710 Seattle. “He told me how much he loves the culture and how much he loves being in Seattle and how he thinks it taught him how to be a professional in a way that he hadn’t been previously. So I believe, all things being equal, that he would love to stay with the Seahawks, so it’ll be interesting to see, given their cap situation, given his financial parameters, if that can work out again.”

So far, it is not clear if all things are equal as Silver suggested. It is hard to imagine there is a team that has topped the Seahawks’ offer to Clowney financially. If there was a bigger deal, Clowney would have likely already signed a new contract. The two big questions Clowney faces are whether he will continue waiting out free agency, and if he will sign a one-year deal like many NFL insiders has speculated.

The Seahawks Are in a “Holding Pattern” With Clowney

It remains to be seen whether there has been any progress in negotiations between Clowney and the Seahawks. Sports Illustrated’s Corbin Smith described the Seahawks as being in a “holding pattern” as they await Clowney’s decision on his future.

The Seahawks remain in a holding pattern awaiting a decision from Jadeveon Clowney, who hasn’t received anywhere close to the offers in free agency he anticipated he would…If Seattle doesn’t re-sign Clowney and fails to sign Everson Griffen as a consolation prize, Schneider may have no choice but to re-explore trade options to upgrade the team’s worst positional group.

Clowney Has Not Found the $20 Million Salary the Pass Rusher Is Seeking

Smith reported earlier that the Seahawks had offered Clowney a contract with an annual salary of $18.5 million. This is below the $20 million salary Clowney is reported to be seeking which has him considering taking a short-term deal, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

“As Jadeveon Clowney continues to wait, I’m told he’s considering options, including a potential shorter term deal w/ a chance to re-enter market in a year or two. Many people around league expect him back in Seattle. A $20M price tag has been steep for teams, per @diannaESPN,” Fowler explained on Twitter.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini provided some context to how the league views Clowney’s demands for $20 million per season.

“Sources say Jadeveon Clowney wants about $20mill per year. Interested teams aren’t coming up that high as of now. Look at the players in his position who were tagged, Judon, Dupree, Barrett, Yannick. Teams don’t want to pay $5mill more than the franchise tag,” Russini explained on Twitter.

The Seahawks remain the favorite to sign Clowney by default, unless a team offers a one-year deal with a higher salary. We will see if both parties continue to wait out free agency with this unresolved.