Analyst Rejects Idea of Antonio Brown Signing With Ravens

Antonio Brown

Getty Antonio Brown with the Patriots.

Lamar Jackson made some headlines this week when he worked out with Antonio Brown and Marquise Brown kick starting rumors of the trio linking up with the Baltimore Ravens.

Would that be a good idea though? The experts aren’t sure that’s the case whatsoever. In the aftermath of the pictures and video of the workout hitting the internet, it seems everyone had a take on what the workout could mean to the Ravens.

Should the team take a gamble on Brown and sign the wideout given their need at the position? Not everyone is sure of that. ESPN’s Sarah Spain was asked her thoughts on the situation on Around The Horn, and as she said, there should be no reason for the team to take the risk.

“There’s so many obstacles still in the way,” Spain said. “Whether it’s pending investigations, whether it’s trust in whether Antonio Brown is in a place to be playing football and be part of a team right now. And as close as that team got last year and as well run as they were, and as much as John Harbaugh had everything schemed out correctly. The talent is tantalizing but the risk is way too big. You could name any team in the NFL and tell me all about their wide receiver needs and I’d tell you in the end I still think a bad idea.”

The Ravens do have a need at receiver and do have Marquise Brown on the roster, but overall, there is a lot of questions as it relates to Brown’s standing in the league and in the locker room. That’s obvious given takes like this.

Lamar Jackson Worked Out With Antonio Brown

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was video taped working out with Brown, and firing the controversial wideout and former Pittsburgh Steelers star some passes on the field. Here’s a look at some of their connections with the ball:

Obviously, Jackson and Brown working out together will make some waves in the NFL community, but there is some simple context. Marquise Brown, Antonio’s cousin, plays wideout for the Ravens. It’s probable that the family as well as the team connection led to this meeting taking place in the end between the parties.

Still, that won’t stop folks from wondering or dreaming of the potential of Brown teaming up with Jackson and the Ravens. It’s possible the only thing the team is missing is another elite pass catcher, and these guys getting together as well as the connections will only fuel the rumors that there is a potential fit with Brown from a football standpoint.

Antonio Brown Stats

Brown was an elite player for the Steelers for 8 seasons, racking up 7 Pro Bowls as well as 4 first team All-Pro nods for his work. The numbers were just as good, with Brown putting up 11,263 career yards and 80 touchdowns. Those stats put him with the elite of the elite at the position.

Brown, however, has generated a reputation as a troublesome locker room presence. His exit from the Steelers was well documented, as was his eventual release from the Las Vegas Raiders, as well as his signing and subsequent release from the New England Patriots. This offseason, Brown has found himself in the news again, with the police getting called to his Florida residence in January.

When he’s on, there is no doubting the former Central Michigan stud as being one of the best in the business. The only question at this point, however, is how much the 31 year old has the ability to be on.

Ravens Biggest Remaining Needs Named

Recently, CBS Sports analyst Pete Prisco took a look at picking out some of the biggest needs for the team, and when it came to the Ravens, defense still rules the day no matter how much building the team has done on that side of the ball.

Here’s a look at what he wrote:

“They got by last season with guys they picked up from other teams after C.J. Mosley signed with the Jets. They have to get a young run-and-chase linebacker to play behind that powerful front they’ve built with the additions of Calais Campbell and Michael Brockers. Drafting late in the first round, they could have a shot at Kenneth Murray of Oklahoma or Patrick Queen of LSU.”

Brockers departed and the Ravens signed Derek Wolfe. Obviously, the Ravens could sign another player such as linebacker Clay Matthews, but the draft does figure to be the best way they could upgrade the position. It’s felt as if the Ravens would go linebacker in the draft, and that might only remain the case now.

As for the offense, most wonder if the Ravens need another wide receiver. It’s probably the case, even if Brown is the most controversial option that could be on the market.

Whether the team would be interested in Brown or not remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the Ravens do have one simple offensive need the wideout would improve.

That doesn’t mean everyone is a fan of the move.

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