Atlanta Falcons Announce New Uniform Debut Date

Falcons tunnel

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons walks out of the tunnel.

Atlanta Falcons are way overdue for a uniform makeover—17 years to be exact. The franchise finally made an official announcement, well another tease video as to when the new uniforms will be unveiled.

April 14, 2020. Mark your calendars folks!

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‘A Lot of Options’

Atlanta Falcons writer and managing editor, Matt Tabeek caught up with Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank to talk about the new uniforms. He really digs the jersey-pant combinations.

“Well, it’s the first time in 17 years that we’re changing them, which is remarkable to me because I didn’t realize it was quite that long. But I did remember when we first bought the team a couple years later that we did change it – and that was a great change at that time,” Blank told Tabeek. “I think that this look that fans will feel, experience and see and hopefully wear is one that’s more in keeping with a contemporary look and feel that our fans are looking for – a little more flair.

“I think the level combinations is one of the things that struck me about the tops and bottoms, the way they could be combined and put together provides a lot of options. The players had a lot of input in the uniforms; you know, they have to wear them. Beyond that, they’re young and they’re hip and they get it. They want to wear something that looks good on them. I think the uniforms will look good on them and even better on our fans.”

‘All on Board’

Falcons President, Rich McKay also gave Tabeek his opinion on the new gear and explained why the “process” took so long. He and Tabeek have both had a chance to see them.

“I’ve seen them and I’m all on board. I’ve seen them numerous times, more than once,” McKay said.

“I’m jacked about the new uniforms. Listen anytime you do it, first of all, it’s not a [normal] process. It doesn’t take one week or two weeks or three months or a year. This is years. This is a lot of fan input, a lot of player input. This is a great partnership with Nike and them helping. I’m looking forward to the unveil. I have no question that’ll you’ll have people say I didn’t expect this or I didn’t expect that. That’s part of it. But it’s cool and I’m looking forward to it.”


It’s been pretty impressive that the Falcons haven’t had any leaks of the new uniforms. The Tampa Bay Bucs did and had to unveil them weeks prior to when they actually planned to.

A random Twitter user did tweet out possible leaks to Falcoholic writer, Evan Birchfield saying he found some ‘leaks’ that he pulled from Twitter.

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There is zero confirmation these could be new unis and if they are it would be very disappointing. I guess we will see on April 14.

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