Hoops Nation’s Buster Scher Reveals Thoughts on Nets, Knicks, Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant, at left, and Michael Jordan

Getty Kobe Bryant, at left, and Michael Jordan

The coronavirus pandemic may have halted the play of all sports including NBA basketball, but that doesn’t mean hoops still can’t be talked about.

On a recent episode of #WORDSWITHSCOOP presented by Orox Leather, I checked in with Buster Scher.

Doubling as a social media influencer and sports fan, Scher is the founder of Hoops Nation, a Gen Z geared platform that was created about basketball for the digital first fan.

We discussed his thoughts on Michael Jordan and the Bulls, the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers.

Check out notes from our dialogue below:

Buster Scher on his hometown Knicks and their need for a star:

“Honestly, in a dream world we get LaMelo Ball and we make some noise as the ninth seed next year. But beyond that, I like RJ [Barrett]. I really do. I think he’s going to be a sturdy – not sure about All-Star, but sturdy point guard like, I can see him being…I don’t want to make comparisons. But as far as impact, I can see him being like a Mike Conley type guy. Like, one day he’ll get paid for his value, but he’s not a perennial All-Star. But I do like him. I like Brazdeikis too, who has been in the G-League most of the year. I like Julius [Randle], but I don’t think he’s anything long term. I would say in between 4 years. I don’t see Julius 4 years from now. It’s just the unfortunate reality that the reason for the hammer down on Julius Randle for the Knicks is because we don’t have a star. And Julius is not a star obviously. He’s a great player and he would help the Knicks win some games because he’s getting opportunities like he was the star, because the Knicks don’t have a star. But the Knicks NEED a star, and it’s very hard to be a star in New York by the way the franchise is set up.”

Buster Scher on the Brooklyn Nets taking over as the “New” New York Team:

“Right now, Brooklyn is the better team but the Knicks will ALWAYS be New York’s team. They’ve always had more fans and they always had more support. They’re not New York’s team but Brooklyn is the better basketball team and there’s no question there.”

Buster Scher on Nets players to keep an eye on:

“Love Spencer. Love Caris. Those guys are two absolute BEASTS! Especially Spencer. I mean, Spencer’s story is awesome. Going from the G-League to where he is now, I think that he could be an All-Star next year. A beast.”

Buster Scher on the Clippers:

“Here’s what I’m happy about too. At least the Clippers have their own arena now. That must of sucked! Like, could you imagine if the Nets were playing in the Garden? – Never right?… it’s so crazy. But that’s what it is was like in L.A.”

Buster Scher on his surprise team in the East:

“A diamond in the rough. Does Miami qualify for that? – I would definitely say Miami. In the East? –Yeah. Because in the West that’s where it’s at.”

Buster Scher on who he would like to work with in the future:

“I would love to do more stuff with the Knicks obviously. So more guys on the Knicks. I would obviously love to play for the Knicks [laughs]. I don’t know if I could help but, at the same time I don’t know how much worse you can make them so I’d be alright…[laughs]. But in all seriousness, I’d love to do more stuff with NBA owners because I think that’s super interesting. I’ve been a fan of Mark Cuban for a long time and would love to do something with him. More people in the business world too – Steve Ballmer is interesting to me. There isn’t anyone in particular. I mean, I have like a Top 50 People That I Want on My Podcast List and it’s a lot of random people on there. But I can give you a quick rundown… I know in my Top 10 I made a couple months ago, Kobe obviously is in my top ten. Derek Jeter is on there. Travis Scott is on there. Barack Obama is on there – I would be talking hoops with the president, so that would be dope. Mike Breen is in there. Mike is like one of those people that I would really, really want to do something with. Who else? – Some random ones… David Attenborough. He’s on the list. I think RJ Barrett’s on the list. LeBron is obviously on the list. There’s some YouTubers on there – David Dobener is on the list. His content is super interesting. So yeah, those are some people at the top of the list for sure.”

Buster Scher on the 90’s Bulls and Michael Jordan:

“All I know is…so I’m 19 now, so I was like 4 by the time that nwhen he was retired. So I obviously never seen him do anything. But I think that influences why I think that LeBron is going to be the Greatest of All Time, but I open ears and eyes to learning otherwise what other people think. I’m just looking forward to learning more. How I look at MJ is this is a guy that had basketball on a world playing field at the time when and still to this day as the world’s greatest.”