Seahawks Are Making Exciting Changes to Offense: Report

Let Russ Cook

Getty The Seahawks are making changes to the offense.

Seattle Seahawks fans in the “Let Russ Cook” camp may be getting some good news thanks to a few offseason adjustments. NFL Network’s Omar Ruiz reported that the Seahawks are “exploring ways to run that uptempo style” for next season.

Back in March, the Seahawks promoted quarterbacks coach Dave Canales to passing game coordinator, and Austin Davis moved up to become the new quarterbacks coach. These appeared to be minor moves at the time, but Ruiz indicated this is part of the Seahawks’ plans to be more aggressive on offense much to the delight of many fans.

“They are exploring ways to run that uptempo style of offense more often during games without changing their identity, which is one of the reasons they created a pass game coordinator, promoting former quarterbacks coach David Canales to that spot and promoting former offensive assistant and former Seahawks and Rams quarterback Austin Davis to the quarterbacks coach spot,” Ruiz noted, per ESPN 710 Seattle.

Russell Wilson Has Been Pushing for Offensive Changes

Russell Wilson has been much more vocal this offseason about the changes he would like to see to the offense. Earlier this offseason, Wilson admitted to ESPN 710 Seattle that he believes the team left about 15 to 20 touchdowns on the table last season.

“We’ve thrown a bunch of touchdowns, you know,” Wilson explained back in January. “We’ve been throwing a bunch of touchdowns and I think there’s a lot more out there, too. I think there’s about 10 to 15 to 20 more, so let’s go get those. That’s just how I think about it. Touchdowns help us win. I think we’ve got to find ways to win and we’ve got to score more points than they do and I think we’ve got great talent.”

The Seahawks Appear to Be More Open to Exploration This Offseason

During an interview with ESPN 710 Seattle, Ruiz expanded on his earlier report indicating that the Seahawks appear to be more willing to experiment this offseason than they have been in the past. Ruiz admitted that in past years, the Seahawks “might have just stuck to what they’ve known.”

“I think that’s something they’re exploring when maybe in years past, they might have just stuck to what they’ve known, what they’d found overwhelming success with, winning a Super Bowl, obviously, and returning to another one,” Ruiz noted. “But I think the exploration of that process is something they would like to implement if it suits them and they can find that they can accomplish those goals while, like I said, running the ball as effectively as they can or as they want to is something that this offseason is about.”

There has been a major push among Seahawks fans to be more aggressive on offense to take advantage of Wilson’s prime years. Pete Carroll has tended to rely more heavily on the rushing attack, but the addition of DK Metcalf last season has opened up even more opportunities for Wilson to thrive if the team is willing to open up the offense.