Tom Brady & Peyton Manning’s Handicap: How Good Are They at Golf?

Peyton Manning Golf

Getty Peyton Manning appears to be a better golfer than Tom Brady.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may be better at golf than you think. The NFL legends are joining Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for a charity golf match, but the question is which quarterback is the better golfer.

Golf Digest’s E. Michael Johnson conducted a deep dive into both player’s golf games, and it looks like Manning is the favorite on the golf course. Manning holds a 6.4 Index at The Honors Course in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Not only is this a respectable number, but Manning’s home course has hosted five USGA championships meaning it is not an easy 18 holes. reported that Manning would have a course handicap of nine at the Medalist Golf Club where The Match with Woods and Mickelson is taking place. By comparison, Woods has a handicap of +8 at his home course.

Brady is likely looking for a new course now that he has relocated to Tampa but holds an 8.1 Index at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. Golf Digest noted that there are rumors that he will be a member at Seminole Golf Club where the PGA Tour just held a charity event featuring Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff.

Manning Has Posted 20 Scores in the Last Year While Brady Appears to Have Only Played a Few Times

Best Tom Brady and Peyton Manning golf highlightsCompetitors on the gridiron turned rivals on the course, NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are facing off in The Match: Champions for Charity with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Check out the football stars’ past memorable moments on the PGA TOUR. SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR now: Welcome to the official YouTube channel…2020-05-07T21:13:59Z

Manning has posted 20 scores in the last year ranging from 78 to 88. Brady played more recently notching an 86 in April, but it looks like this is the first time the quarterback picked up his clubs since July 2019. Manning does have the advantage of being retired as Brady looks to add his seventh Super Bowl ring.

Golf Digest reported that Brady does not have a single golf score posted between April 2015 and February 2019, indicating the quarterback took a bit of a golf hiatus unless he forgot to simply record his play.

Manning may have the advantage of repetition, but Brady is expected to be the better driver of the two players. ESPN’s Michael Collins noted on the Behind the Bets podcast that Brady is the more powerful driver when compared to Brady. Collins explained that Manning has a bit more of a challenge generating power with his previous neck injury.

Brady Posted a 106 at Medalist Golf Club in 2019

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Mickelson may be doing the heavy lifting against the Woods-Manning duo as Brady did not fare well last year at Medalist. reported Brady notched a 106 in 2019 while playing the Medalist Golf Couse, one of his worst scores. Brady admitted he is hoping to hit a hot streak during the charity event.

“Unfortunately I’m focusing on football right now and I’m still working and golf will come at a later date, but I can get a little bit streaky,” Brady said, per

Mickelson indicated that the plan is to rely on Brady’s short game, where he is strongest. It also sounds like Mickelson and Woods are showing their partners a bit of forgiveness given they have spent the majority of their lives focusing on football.

“Tom’s an 8 handicap, and he has parts of his game that are stronger than that and parts of his game that are weaker,” Mickelson explained to the New York Post. “He’s a really good putter, he’s a really good short-iron player and he hits the ball a long way. But, like me, he has a tendency to hit a few wayward drives, so that’ll be a challenge for us to not give away holes to Tiger and Peyton — especially in the alternate-shot format.”