Will Ferrell Epically Crashes Seahawks Zoom Meeting [WATCH]

Greg Olsen

Getty Will Ferrell pulled off an epic impersonation of Greg Olsen during the Seahawks virtual meeting.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is known to often have guests at practices, and the new virtual meetings are not stopping this tradition. Carroll relied on his old friend actor Will Ferrell to lighten the mood during this week’s Seahawks virtual mini-camp. Carroll introduced new tight end Greg Olsen to the team, but it was Ferrell who popped onto the screen during the Zoom call.

“Coach, thanks so much, so excited to be here. So excited to be a Seahawk,” Ferrell said after being introduced to the team. “Excited to play with you, Russ. Russ, I love you. I mean, I love you. I love the way you play. I love the way you handle yourself as a human being. I mean, I love you. Let’s make a baby. Schotty, just wanted to let you know I came here to catch some balls. That’s what I hope to do. In fact, what I did mostly for Carolina is I drew up all my own plays. So, I’ll be adding a lot to the playbook. This one I just drew up it’s called 90 Go Flywheel Kanye Starburst. So, let’s get that in the playbook.”

Ferrell, disguised as Olsen, also added that he had no plans to play special teams. He also joked that he would be continuing his broadcast career during Seahawks games and is only planning on playing about “12 plays.”

Here is a look at Ferrell hilariously crashing the Seahawks’ meeting.

Olsen Is Part of a Crowded Tight End Group

The actual Greg Olsen is part of a deep tight end group. In addition to adding Olsen in free agency, the Seahawks also added Colby Parkinson and Stephen Sullivan in the draft.

“We’re loading up [at tight end],” Carroll admitted after the draft. “We’re really excited. You’re going to hear me every time go right back to competition. It can’t be better than this one. The guys are different, too. We have unique players. Greg [Olsen] is going to be such a good leader in this group, he’s been such a dynamic football player. I would really hope that everybody is going to be better because he’s in this group.”

The Seahawks also have Will Dissly and brought back Jacob Hollister along with Luke Willson this offseason. Seattle is unlikely to be keeping all six of these tight ends on the final roster, so we are in for a competitive training camp battle ahead of the 2020 season. The Seahawks were thin at the position in 2019 after Dissly was lost with a season-ending injury.

Ferrell’s Relationship With Carroll Dates Back to His USC Coaching Days

Carroll is clearly trying to lighten the mood given the challenging circumstances. Ferrell has been someone Carroll has been utilizing since he was the USC head coach. After the draft, Carroll noted that the virtual meetings would provide a new challenge for the coaching staff.

“We’re really in the mode of adaptation,” Carroll noted, per Sehawks.com. “Through everything we just did. Everything is kind of fluid and on the move, and you have to be flexible. It’s going to be the same with our guys as we start up Monday. Monday at 10 o’clock, here we go. We’re into the virtual Phase One for the first time ever. Our coaches have spent a lot of time trying to be creative and inventive in how we’re going to present stuff to try to capture them. One of the things about our program it is so energetic and there is so much interaction and relationship stuff that goes on. This is going to be different. It’s going to tax us in different way.”

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