Bryson DeChambeau’s Workout: How Did Golfer Gain Weight?

Bryson DeChambeau Weight

Getty Bryson DeChambeau pictured in January (left) compared to the added muscle the golfer displayed in June (right).

Bryson DeChambeau came back from the PGA Tour’s break with added weight thanks to his workout routine. DeChambeau added an additional 20 pounds during the nearly three-month break which puts his weight at 240 pounds, per Golf Channel. The golfer has gained a total of 40 pounds since September.

DeChambeau set out to add muscle in an attempt to increase distance to his drives. According to Golf Week, the golfer has been posting live videos of his workouts online which include sweat sessions with Chris Como and high-intensity weight drills with muscle activation trainer Greg Rokopf. Golf Channel’s John Cook told Golf Week that you can notice an immediate difference in DeChambeau’s driving distance with the added muscle.

“Bryson is all about experimenting,” Cook noted. “He’s all about physics. He’s all about science, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve seen players lose weight and not work out so well because their body types just didn’t support that weight loss, then we’ve seen those players gain the weight back and go on and play pretty well. In Bryson’s case, he felt like he needed more distance and, to his credit, he’s gained that muscle mass. It looks like he’s maintained his flexibility and his mobility which is ultra important. I mean you can see it in the driving distance.”

DeChambeau’s Workout Routine Focused on Strengthening His Wrists & Isolated Muscle Exercises

It is not the first time DeChambeau has added weight as the golfer previously jumped up 25 pounds at the end of 2019. With Roskopf’s guidance, DeChambeau used Muscle Activation Technique training to add muscle. One particular point of emphasis has been DeChambeau strengthening his wrists.

“I actually had to get my wrists stronger,” DeChambeau told Golf Week in December 2019. “I had to train, do farmer walks, 70 pounds in each hand and move them like that when I walk to get my grip strength up. Did a lot of pull ups with just the fingers, holding on with the palm, just doing a couple other things, inflexion, flexion stuff, internal, external rotation of the wrist.”

DeChambeau focuses on isolated muscle exercises during his workouts and the golfer explained his fitness philosophy in an interview with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“I feel like by using and training each individual muscle you can aggregate all of them to be able to function at a higher potential rather than just saying, ‘Oh, can I use all of them and see if they all work?’,” DeChambeau explained.

DeChambeau Increased His Calorie Intake

DeChambeau has not specified a target number of daily calories but noted he has upped his frequency of eating. The golfer admitted that he currently eats “as much as I want.”

“It’s nice. I get to eat — it’s a two-to-one carb-to-protein ratio, and I literally just have at it,” DeChambeau noted to Golf Digest. “I eat whatever I want whenever. Obviously, I’m trying to control the intake of sugars, but carbs are fine because I’m obviously sweating like crazy out here. So I just eat as much as I want right now. It’s nice. And I don’t gain weight. I actually lose weight. I’ve lost a little bit of weight this week.”

The early results are the added weight has helped DeChambeau since the PGA Tour resumed play. DeChambeau was in contention at the Charles Schwab Challenge and RBC Heritage. His fellow golfers have been amazed at his transformation and the added speed to his swing. Rickie Fowler admitted there is some concern about how the added weight could impact DeChambeau’s body.

“My only concern would be keeping (his weight) up but also staying healthy because it is a lot of speed,” Fowler said, per Golf Week. “It’s a lot of pressure being put on the body in certain areas. I’m not worried about him creating the speed. We know he can, and he’s obviously put on plenty of muscle and weight to where he can create that, but, yeah, my only concern would be him staying healthy with it being a lot more repetitive.”

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