Tyson Fury Bumps Into Man Saved From Suicide [WATCH]

Boxing Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury


Is there anything heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury can’t do? The undefeated “Gypsy King” posted some intriguing Instagram stories on Monday where he finally revealed the stranger Fury says he talked out of committing suicide last year.

After sharing some of his thoughts while sipping on his morning coffee, Fury shockingly bumps into the same man again, donning Tyson Fury apparel and happy to report that he’s no longer contemplating suicide.

“So I come down to the beach for a coffee and I meet this guy again,” Fury said. “This is the guy…that come to me house one night that was going to commit suicide and I managed to talk him out of it and take him on a run.”

Fury continues, “And then this morning, I’ve come down to the beach for a coffee and he doesn’t even live in the area and he’s here. What a coincidence.”

Fury then checked to make sure the unidentified man was still on the right path.

“How are you feeling today?” Fury asked.

“Feeling good man,” he said.

“No more suicidal thoughts?” Fury asked.

“No suicidal thoughts, just chilling, this is where my nan was scattered and that. Nice and relaxed, nice chill-out place before I go back home,” he said.

You can watch the full video below.

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Fury Helped Same Stranger Last Year

Fury first shared the story about how he talked the man out of committing suicide in December 2019 on Instagram. Fury said the man showed up at his house in dire straights and needed to be encouraged.

“So obviously, me being me, I talked him out of it and took him on a three-mile run,” Fury said. “He left as happy as Larry and it seems to have worked.”

Fury has become a mental health advocate over recent years after revealing his bouts with suicidal thoughts, depression and addiction.

“To all those people out there suffering from mental health problems, please do not take your own life,” Fury said.  “It will get better, I promise you. There is help around the corner, please seek medical advice immediately and you will return to what you once were.”

Fury had seemingly lost his boxing career forever back in 2016. But after one of the most remarkable comebacks in boxing history, the 31-year-old is now the highest-paid fighter in the world.

“It ain’t over, it wasn’t over then and it ain’t over now,” Fury said. “Come on people don’t give up; keep fighting and never say die.”

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Fury Relates All Struggles To What Happens Inside Boxing Ring

Part of what people respond to so well is how Fury often relates his personal struggles with life with some of his fiercest bouts inside the boxing ring.

Most notably, Fury made it to his feet in the 12th round of his first bout against Deontay Wilder in December 2018.

“Like I got up in round 12 against Wilder, keep getting up no matter how many times it puts you down, keep going forward because we never surrender,” Fury said.

He did even better in the rematch last year.

Fury, who became one of the world’s leading advocates for “smashing the stigma” around mental health issues, smashed Wilder in the rematch in just seven rounds.

Now the heavyweight champion is on top of the world again and judging by his Instagram stories he’s all about helping people find their way out of their struggles, too.

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