UFC’s Greatest Fighter Just Put Dana White on Blast

UFC President Dana White

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is arguably the greatest fighter ever and inarguably the most decorated athlete the company has on its roster right now. But the 32-year-old American isn’t too happy about his relationship with UFC president Dana White, so he took to social media on Monday to put his boss on blast.

First, Jones revealed that he wasn’t certain about all the ways his life would change if he was able to sign with another promoter but did believe he’d be treated way better in at least one way.

“One thing I would have is total support,” Jones said. “A boss behind me who actually promotes me.”

Additionally, Jones revealed more specifics about how his relationship with White had fallen apart during recent negotiations for Jones’ desired superfight against heavyweight Francis Ngannou.

“Everything was good until I asked for a piece of the pie…,” Jones lamented.

Jones Sent Criticisms Directly to UFC’s Most Important Partner

All this was on the heels of Jones having expressed frustration with his UFC contract the day prior.

In short, it seems like Jones wants to leave the UFC but feels like he’s contractually trapped in a tough position to do so.

On Sunday, Jones tweeted his thoughts about the matter directly to the UFC’s exclusive U.S. television partner, ESPN.

“It’s not a matter of not wanting to fight, I committed my whole life to this trade,” Jones said. “The issue is not being able to go anywhere else.”

So it appears Jones is still super miffed about working with the UFC and that his time with the company might truly be coming to an end.

Jones Claims UFC Ripped Him Off for Years

It’s clear that Jones feels mistreated by the company. The fighter painted a sordid picture of the company taking advantage of someone who wouldn’t even know what to ask for.

“When I was in my prime, the UFC‘s way of not paying me was telling me I wasn’t a star,” Jones said. “Had me grateful for a new car meanwhile making tens of millions without my knowing.”

Jones accused the company of making millions off his fights while offering him only a fraction of the proceeds.

“Impressed a young kid with a Bentley to fight Lyoto Machida while they collected millions,” Jones said.

Moreover, Jones expressed that he felt like he had been ripped off for most of his career.

“I’m not even asking for back pay for ripping me off throughout my entire 20s,” Jones said. “Just wanted to be treated fair moving forward.”

Jones went on to say, “I fought mega fight after mega fight throughout my early 20s for under 2 million a fight. Who knows what I’m actually owed, makes me feel like a fool even thinking about it.” He then followed up to correct the amount he was paid while lamenting it was tantamount to robbery.

Finally, the UFC star offered his advice to the younger generation of fighters.

Jones said, “If you’re hot right now. Get paid. As much as the UFC is building your brand, you are building their’s. If you think your biggest paydays will come after being with the company for a while. You are wrong.”

There’s no question Jones is clearly unhappy with the UFC at this point. How that affects his future remains to be seen.

Jones Reveals Current Contract Info and Future Hopes

Jones later revealed what he hoped to accomplish by speaking out on the matter in what turned out to be a de facto Q&A session with his Twitter followers.

“Just to be treated fair man,” Jones answered. “For all of us fighters to finally start getting a higher percentage. No one’s asking to break the bank, just show your athletes you don’t think we are all idiots.”

Jones also said he was three fights into his current five-fight UFC contract, and that he believed the UFC was unjustly using his various outside the Octagon issues over the years “to justify underpaying me for so long.”

Finally, Jones said he was willing to stick things out for as long as it takes, and he even partly thanked his past suspensions as something that could help him be prepared for his assumed long upcoming break.

“Oh trust me I’m enjoying the vacation, I’ve been suspended quite a few times,” Jones said. “This is nothing new for me. It just sucks Dana is being so stubborn and greedy. It’s ultimately hurting the fans.”

And if Jones can help other UFC fighters make more money in the future as well as himself? He’s all for that happening, too.

“If me sitting [out] from fighting somehow helps some fighters in the future get taken care of better, well I did my job,” Jones said. “You’re welcome.”

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