Andre Iguodala and Aerial Powers Have Strange Beef on Twitter

Getty Andre Iguodala

If there is ever a TV show produced called When Compliments Go Wrong, the Miami Heat’s Andre Iguodala could be the subject of the first episode.


Iguodala’s Compliment Gets Taken in the Wrong Direction

On Wednesday, Iguodala who is in the NBA’s bubble preparing for the re-start of the season was apparently catching some WNBA action when he was impressed by the play of Washington Mystics star Aerial Powers.

Iguodala apparently didn’t know Powers’ name, and he tweeted the following compliment:

Powers didn’t take kindly to being referred to by her jersey numb and proceeded to go ham on Iggy on Twitter.


Iguodala plainly responded with this tweet, and hasn’t spoken about the brief exchange since.

The Aftermath

Iguodala has been attacked by many and supported by others in what seemed like an innocent compliment that was taken the wrong way.

Nevertheless, Powers has turned this into a springboard to speak against gender inequality and the diminution of the WNBA. It seems like this is one of those issues that could have been hashed out in a private conversation rather on social media, but this is 2020.

Things got especially ugly in this situation when a former teammate sent Powers a clip of a TMZ story that quoted Iguodala saying he wouldn’t want his daughter playing basketball and becoming a lesbian. Iguodala later clarified his story, but this was still brought into this situation.

Powers went on to post several more messages on her Twitter and Instagram account:

Again, when compliments go wrong.

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