Eagles’ Malik Jackson Rips NFL Owners, Offers Support for Louis Farrakhan

Malik Jackson

Getty Eagles DT Malik Jackson will miss extended time this season with a lower leg injury.

The NFL has set July 28 for the first day of training camps across the league. Apparently, some players don’t feel safe about reporting.

Eagles defensive tackle Malik Jackson delivered a seething critique of the league’s safety protocols amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The NFL and the NFLPA have been fighting specifically over the financial aspect, including the owners asking to hold 35-percent of player salaries in escrow. That isn’t going to fly.

Jackson didn’t mince words in an explosive Instagram post where he called the owners’ behavior “unacceptable and utterly disrespectful.” In addition, the 30-year-old said the players haven’t gotten answers to simple questions regarding safety precautions like social distancing. Health is wealth for both parties, per Jackson.

He wrote: “As Pro-Athletes we are willing and able juggle. Juggle the risk that our careers bring, the stress of the game on our minds and bodies and most important making sure we don’t neglect our families. Now, you want us to weigh putting food on the table the best way we know how which we could potentially catching the killer virus and bring it home or starve.”

Jackson went on to say that football cannot be played in a vacuum from six feet away. It is “asinine” to think a contact sport that often involves the swapping of sweat and sometimes blood can be played safely right now.

“I can not pass Rush from 6 feet away, I cannot defeat a double team from 6 feet away nor can I tackle somebody from 6 feet away (to not do those things in practice, just in games is asinine),” Jackson said. “This sport is not in any way able to be played 6 feet away, let alone stop the transfer of sweat and blood.”

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Eagles Tackle Defends DeSean Jackson on Instagram

Jackson also appeared to stand up for DeSean Jackson and his support of Louis Farrakhan in a separate Instagram post. (h/t to Reddit user u/biasedphillyperson for the find).

He called the controversial Nation of Islam leader “honorable” and pointed out that Jackson shared a picture of a book in his inflammatory anti-Semitic post. Farrakhan, of course, has gone on record saying that Adolf Hitler was a “very great man.”

Malik Jackson


“The honorable farrakhan is nothing like that vile scum hitler. He speaks truth and believes in protection of self and that scares ur racist ass,” Jackson wrote. “2nd d Jack did not quote anyone he took a a PICTURE or a book that was to invoke thought and conversation.”

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