Zero Falcons Rookies Test Positive for Coronavirus: Report

Matt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

All 26 Atlanta Falcons rookies tested negative for both COVID-19 tests last week D. Orlando Ledbetter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The rookies were then cleared to report to their strength and conditioning workouts on Monday. Quarterbacks and injured players started their testing process last Thursday. The rest of the veterans will begin the COVID testing process tomorrow.

Coaches will not be allowed at conditioning workouts, only strength and conditioning coaches will be present.

Testing Could Be the Main Problem This Season

While testing is a necessity for a safe return, NBC Sports analyst Peter King brought up the problems outlining testing.

Players are supposed to have two negative tests before entering the facility to start camp. It won’t be so much of a problem not until the season actually begins.

The biggest concern is that testing results could take up to 24 hours and then quarantine takes two weeks minimum, plus another test.

“If the center tests positive on a Friday, and there’s a quarantine period for all of his close contacts … well, if I just came from practice where I’ve been in a huddle with all my offensive teammates, been doing individual drills with all my linemen, then blocking the defensive linemen and linebackers all afternoon, aren’t we talking about 35 guys being close contacts with me?” Cleveland Browns center and NFLPA president J.C. Tretter said, according to King. “And if they’re all in quarantine for the next couple days, what does Sunday’s game look like? You don’t have enough bodies to put on the field to play.”

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MLB Cancels Games Over COVID Outbreak 4 Days Into Season

Just four days into their season, the MLB had to cancel two games after 11 of 33 players on the Miami Marlins tested positive.

This is having many fans feeling uneasy about the upcoming NFL season and the lack of safety protocols put in place.

The NBA seems to be working just fine as long as they stay in their “bubble.” The NFL has time to take some notes.

As for the MLB, it might be a little too late.

An NFL Season Without A Preseason?

Another big change happening this season is that there will be no preseason games.

A season without preseason games actually comes down to a bigger problem than you might think.

Rookies, with an emphasis on undrafted free agents, won’t be able to show off their talent in order to land a spot on the roster. Coaches and players will have to rely on what they see in training camp. Coaches find this to be a huge problem, but a majority of the players would rather not risk their health.

Preseason is a time to get the sloppy football out of the way. Missed tackles are somewhat acceptable and quarterbacks get a feel for what it’s like to get hit again.

Players will be expected to be on top of their ‘A’ game come the first game of the regular season. Sloppy football now spills into games that matter the most. But hey, it’s better than no football at all.

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