Ravens’ John Harbaugh Cracks Pundit’s Significant Coaching List

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh in a game against New York.

The Baltimore Ravens have one of the best coaches in the NFL in John Harbaugh, and once again, Harbuagh is getting his due from one of the top national pundits around.

Recently, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd revealed the top 10 coaches he would start a franchise with if he was a team owner making a purchase. On the list was Harbaugh thanks in part to the work he has done with the Ravens thus far in his career.

Cowherd said:

“A guy, 57 years old, gets it. He’s the more agreeable Harbaugh. He’s got a Super Bowl. His pivot to Lamar Jackson has been really smart and I think the players are into it,” Cowherd quipped. “One of the things Baltimore does really well, he’s really good with personnel. He’s got a tremendous eye for talent. Harbaugh’s eye for talent is significant and redeemable. I’d have him on the list.”

Harbaugh came in at spot No. 5 on the list just ahead of Matt Nagy and just behind Sean McVay, Doug Pederson, Sean McDermott and Kyle Shanahan. There’s no doubt he qualifies as one of the best coaches in the league, and an easy choice for this list.

With his elite quarterback in tow, Harbaugh could soar further up this list in the future and become even more highly regarded.

John Harbaugh Comments on Ravens Playoff Loss

Some, like quarterback Lamar Jackson, think the team overlooked the Tennessee Titans and were looking toward the next round of the playoffs. Others, like coach John Harbaugh, aren’t sure about that fact in the least bit.

Speaking with the media, Harbaugh explained that while he doesn’t disagree with Jackson’s ability to speak his mind, he might not be convinced his sentiments on the team’s playoff defeat are exactly right. According to Harbaugh, his Ravens just didn’t play well in the game.

The Ravens were dismantled nearly start to finish in the 28-12 defeat and it’s possible that both men could be right. Certain players on the team could have overlooked Tennessee in the heat of battle, while the team also didn’t play good at all in the game.

From the fans’ perspective, they likely want to think less about what happened earlier this year and more about what the last half of 2020 and early stages of 2021 might hold for their team.

John Harbaugh’s Ravens Tenure

Harbaugh has been a great coach during his tenure with the Ravens. Even in spite of the playoff trouble this season, Harbaugh is 128-81 in his NFL career, and has one Lombardi Trophy to his credit. He’s also gone 10-7 in the postseason during his career.

The Ravens have been better off for having Harbaugh as their coach through the years, and that’s something which many on the outside see more clearly as the years have gone by. The Ravens are truly lucky to have him as their boss.

It’s why it makes sense that Harbaugh should be considered one of the coaches to start from scratch with in such a scenario.

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