Ravens Reveal Epic Hype Video for Mark Ingram [WATCH]

Mark Ingram

Getty Mark Ingram runs against the Patriots.

The Baltimore Ravens have one of the most excitable players on their team and in the NFL in running back Mark Ingram, and there is no better way to celebrate his awesome talent

Recently, the Ravens put together an epic and funny video celebrating Ingram and his talent. It shows him scoring a famous touchdown from the 2019 season and then sliding into the end zone. Then, the video team spliced it to have Ingram sliding through various movie, television and pop culture scenes.


Obviously, Ingram loved it, as he tweeted about the video immediately, sharing it on his Twitter account.

Highlights like this are another reason that the Ravens will love having Ingram on their side running the ball during the 2020 season. The hope is the team has even more fun videos to produce in 2029

Mark Ingram Ravens’ Top Free Agent Signing

Looking for an under the radar move that paid off in a big way for a team from a few years back? Look no further than Ingram, who left New Orleans and didn’t generate much interest elsewhere in the league. He eventually signed with the Ravens and the return on investment has been great for Baltimore. This season, Ingram went for 1,018 yards and 10 touchdowns, and has been a key cog in the rushing attack for the Ravens to grind out yardage.

Most might have figured Ingram was the component of his offense in New Orleans, but it’s clear he’s as good as they come at running back and also a phenomenal leader. Ingram and his leadership have been second to none.

To that end, he was one of the true steals of free agency, and will be a guy who continues to stay in the mix into the future.

Mark Ingram Not Slowing Down

So how much longer could Ingram be expected to play for the team and create these awesome highlights? As he said himself, another 4-5 years is the expectation he is currently setting for himself, meaning he’s not going anywhere.

“I am just blessed and thankful. The lord has my body feeling this way. I am with a great team that takes care of me. I feel like I can play this game at a high level, at the highest level for at least another 4-5 years,” he told reporters. “I honestly do. I feel good. My body feels good.”

The reason for this isn’t merely longevity, but the fact that Ingram feels as if he still has some major goals to reach on the field.

“I just want to be the best man. I want to be one of the best. You talk about running backs who have long, prestigious careers. I want to be in that discussion and talked about that way,” he said. “I just want to be the best player I can be, I want to win championships, and I want to do it at a high level and I feel like I could do it for a long time.”

Ravens fans hope that’s the case into the future, and Ingram is a guy who is right there being an epic teammate and creating more epic highlights.

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