Last Chance U’s RJ Stern Gives Update on Future & Reacts to Netflix Hit

Last Chance U

Twitter/@FlvshGordon RJ Stern is one of the stars of Last Chance U.

RJ Stern is one of the stars of the latest season of Last Chance U, and many fans are curious as to what the Laney College wide receiver is doing now that the Netflix show has concluded. Heavy had a chance to catch up with Stern in an exclusive interview about his future plans and the receiver’s initial thoughts on how he was portrayed on Last Chance U. Please be advised, there are a few Last Chance U spoilers ahead, but we want to provide you with the latest updates on Stern’s career.

During the final episode of Last Chance U, the show revealed Stern accepted a scholarship offer from Tusculum University, a Division II school in Greenville, Tennessee. Stern told Heavy he opted to decommit from Tusculum and is still looking for the right opportunity.

“So initially I had committed to Tusculum, but due to some personal issues I elected to decommit,” Stern noted. “As of right now, I’m still waiting to get brought on somewhere as a scholarship player or a walk-on.”

247 Sports reported that Stern received three scholarship offers: Adams State, Southwestern Oklahoma State and Tusculum. For now, Stern is living in the same house featured on the show and working out in Concord, California.

Stern Calls Cal His ‘Dream School’

The final episode also shows a conversation Stern had with Laney College head coach John Beam about his future outlook. Beam told Stern that he did not view him as a Division I receiver. Stern is using these words as motivation but continues to believe in himself as a Division I talent.

“To me, it doesn’t matter if he thinks I’m not a Division I guy,” Stern explained. “I know what I can do and I know what my work ethic is. I tend to play better when the stakes are higher and the competition is harder. Iron sharpens iron.”

Stern cited practicing against cornerback Rejzohn Wright each day in practice as proof that he can compete at a high level. Wright is one of Laney’s top players featured on the show and the corner accepted an offer to play at Oregon State this upcoming season.

“Me and Rej had a mutual respect at practice and only [competed in 1-on-1 drills] with one another,” Stern added. “He would get me sometimes and I would get him. It was 50/50. Sometimes 60/40 in my favor. He had 10-plus Power-Five offers and committed to Oregon State. If I can go at him every day and win, then I can play D1 ball. Beam also said I’m not consistent enough, but I’d like to point out that I was the only consistent receiver. I didn’t drop touchdowns or first downs. I ran great routes and anytime I was called on I made a big play. I think given the opportunity I would’ve showed much more ability than I was able to.”

The future of college football at all levels is in doubt for next season as COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly across the country. This makes the recruiting process challenging, but Stern is doing his best to remain patient to find the best opportunity. The speedy wide receiver calls Cal his “dream school.”

“But I imagine most, if not everybody, is just trying to stay positive and look ahead,” Stern said. ” …Hopefully it’s at Cal. That’s my dream school.”

Stern on Last Chance U: ‘I Binged Watched It the Night It Came Out’

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There are generally two different approaches for those featured on Last Chance U. Some players and coaches refuse to watch, but Stern admitted he has already “binged watched” the latest season.

“I’ve seen the show. I binged watched it the night it came out,” Stern admitted. “I loved it! I felt that I was well represented and have received a ton of love. It’s humbling. As far as my plans for the foreseeable future, it’s to play football for as long as possible and then move along from there.”

As Last Chance U fans know, it is hard to imagine a player working as hard as Stern to find his next opportunity. Fans will be anxiously waiting to see where Stern lands next.

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