Confident Rookie WR Predicts ‘Super Bowl’ Championship for Eagles

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Getty Jalen Reagor is one of the fastest receivers in the NFL draft.

Eagles rookie Jalen Reagor certainly doesn’t lack for confidence. He’s storming into the league and looking to walk away with hardware in Year One.

Philadelphia drew a tiny bit of criticism for taking Reagor as high as they did in the first round. They reportedly had a chance to trade up and select CeeDee Lamb — a “readymade WR1,” per CBS Sports — but opted for the young, confident speedster out of Texas Christian University. Reagor has heard and seen everything said and written about him, and he’s ready to prove everyone wrong.

“To be honest, I feel like I’m just the most versatile,” Reagor said on draft day, after evaluating Lamb and the other receivers in the class. “I can do everything. You know, I feel like I haven’t even gotten close to my ceiling. You know, I can play any position.”

Reagor has a favorite quote, too, one attributed to NBA superstar Kevin Durant, that says: “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” It’s been an inspiring mantra for Reagor throughout his career.

“Your talent is only going to get you so far,” Reagor told Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro. “If you come in here and you’re like, ‘I’m a first-round pick but I don’t got to learn the playbook … you’re a first-round pick but you can’t play. You put the hard work in to learn the playbook because the talent is going to take care of itself. Hard work is always going to beat talent.”

Then, perhaps a bit tongue in cheek but cocky nonetheless, Reagor predicted a Super Bowl championship in his first season. When Spadaro asked him to complete the sentence “At the end of my rookie season I’m going to be …” Reagor fired back: “A Super Bowl champion.”

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Reagor Cross-Training at X & Z WR Spots

Reagor has quickly developed a great working relationship with wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead, the guy who recruited Reagor in high school when Moorehead was coaching at Texas A&M. He ultimately chose TCU over A&M but the two remained close.

“I had the luxury of being around him [in high school] and also he played with my dad [Montae Reagor]. That’s like my guy,” Reagor told Spadaro. “Just knowing that this is my coach but he treats me like you can come to me with anything. It makes it that much better.”

The Eagles are cross-training their top pick in multiple positions, including the X and Z receiver spots, and he’s absorbing the whole playbook like a “sponge” so he can better move around the formation. The team prefers to have versatile, hybrid playmakers on the roster.

“Now, virtually, it’s like you know I’m trying to learn every position,” Reagor told reporters on July 29. “They’re telling me to focus in on this position, focus in on that position, and now it’s like we’re having installs every practice. It’s just a great opportunity … because I’d rather not be out there guessing.”

Bonding with Fellow Rookies, Studying the Playbook

One thing Reagor mentioned time and time again is how much he buried himself in the Eagles’ playbook this summer. The virtual classroom replaced in-person instruction and rookie minicamps due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reagor jumped in, cannon-ball style.

“I don’t look at it like something’s that difficult,” Reagor said. “I look at it as something that is a challenge, something that’s going to challenge my teammates and the coaching staff, and this organization and this team as a whole. I can see that this organization is taking it on [the COVID-19 challenge] with a full head of steam, no excuses. I’m putting my work in the meeting room … before practice, after practice and just putting ourselves in the best position to win.”

He’s also built a strong bond with the other first-year receivers on the roster. They are trying to create a new “Legion of Zoom” of playmakers (apologies to Kanas City) for Carson Wentz to lean on once the script flips to Week 1. Everyone is on the same page early in camp.

“You would have thought we had been teammates for years,” Reagor said about the rookie class. “You know, we’re gelling just fine, feel like we’ve known each other for a minute. We’re here to help each other and I want to see those guys succeed.”

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