Lions’ Jamal Agnew Shows Wide Receiver Skills With Nice Catch [WATCH]

Jamal Agnew

Getty Jamal Agnew celebrates a touchdown.

The Detroit Lions made the move to switch cornerback Jamal Agnew to wide receiver, and while it seemed like a smart idea, nobody knew quite how it would look.

Recently, the Lions gave everybody a glimpse at what Agnew has looked like catching some passes during training camp and the answer is pretty darn impressive.

Here’s a look at Agnew stretching to make a great catch during practice:

Word thus far has held that Agnew has looked like a natural even at a new position which is great for the Lions to see. They will count on him being able to deliver a few big plays here and there, and if he can show this much polish as a route runner, that’s excellent news for the Lions moving forward.

Jamal Agnew Likes Move to Wideout

At cornerback, Agnew doesn’t get in the game enough to make an impact. On offense at his new spot of wideout, however, all of that figures to change. And while the move has been different early on, Agnew admits he has been getting more comfortable with the position considering the Lions have had him work there in the past.

Agnew told the media:

“They needed people to fill those roles and I was like if you need me I got you. I’m happy, I’m loving it, obviously I’ll do whatever it takes to help the team win. But it’s been pretty fun on the offensive side.”

Agnew has made a fast transition to the new position on the field, which is excellent news for the Lions. If he can put together his patented big play burst, he could be a major weapon for the team as it relates to sparking the offense in key moments.

Jamal Agnew’s Switch to Wideout

According to a piece by Peter King of NBC Sports earlier this offseason, Agnew has switched positions, moving to wide receiver exclusively. In King’s piece where he looks in-depth at the Detroit wideouts, Agnew is mentioned as a “converted DB” which leads to the notion that he is moving from the defensive side ahead of the 2020 season. Indeed, the Lions did end up moving him.

Agnew could certainly make the switch to another side of the ball this offseason to being a special teams weapon as well as a player used exclusively on the offensive side of the ball. Detroit is now loaded at cornerback after a busy offseason at the spot, so now would be the time to transition a player away from that role given there is better depth at the position than in the past.

That’s just what the Lions appear to want to do with this move.

Jamal Agnew Made History With Special Teams

Agnew returned a punt for a score against the Denver Broncos in December and made a little history in the process. With the touchdown, Agnew put himself amongst royalty in league history in terms of special teams players. Agnew’s 4 career special teams touchdowns, with one coming via a punt return and the others via kickoff, helped him join an exclusive club.

As the franchise pointed out, since 1995, nobody has been better early in their career at making electric plays than Agnew. He joins the likes of Tyreek Hill, Devin Hester, Eddie Drummond and Steve Smith as the only ones to accomplish this unique feat on a football field. Those players are known as some of the greats of the game in terms of making big plays in the return game.

Special teams is the way Agnew is making his mark in the league, and he’s doing quite a good job of it early in his career. The Lions have realized Agnew can be a weapon on the offensive side.

Jamal Agnew’s Stats With Lions

The Lions uncovered a potential hidden gem when they found Agnew in the fifth round of the draft in 2017. He quickly burst on the scene as an electric returner and in his career has managed to rack up 916 return yards in his career with three touchdowns. Two of those scores came in his rookie season, when he was named an All-Pro special teams player. In 2019, the Lions managed to get a 100 yard kickoff return for a score from Agnew to help in defeating the Philadelphia Eagles on the road.

Agnew’s stats as a cornerback are much more limited given he hasn’t played much there through the years. In his career in the NFL, he has only defended a pass and has 17 tackles to his credit. Obviously, the Lions prefer to save Agnew for the special teams given his electrifying moves.

It’s obvious that switching positions could be a good way for Agnew to get on the field and make a difference. So far, he’s doing well to make it happen and show some nice hands in camp.

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