Lamar Jackson Takes Home Top AFC Award After Week 1

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson throws a pass against Cleveland.

After Week 1, the beat continues to go on for Lamar Jackson and his Baltimore Ravens. Another dominating performance on the offensive side has left the quarterback as an award winner again.

Jackson had a big day in the team’s 37-6 thrashing of the Cleveland Browns, and as a result, took home the AFC’s Offensive Player of the Week award.

This type of effort is simply par for the course for Jackson, who has been dominating the league for the last few seasons. It’s nice to see him continue to get rewarded for his great play.

Lamar Jackson ‘Better’ During 2020 Season?

The reigning MVP fired 3 touchdown passes on the afternoon and got his team moving early and often on offense. There were plenty of questions about what Jackson might look like off of his MVP season, but so far the early answer is that not much has changed. In fact, Jackson may have only gotten better.

After the game, folks started to take notice. Nate Burleson of Good Morning Football said he thinks Jackson is the most complete quarterback in the game today, and encouraged people to debate him on the subject if they wanted.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky was another to admit that Jackson could be taking on the look of a player who is even more improved than once thought. Orlovsky went so far as to say that he thinks Jackson is even better this season than last year.

Obviously, if Jackson is better, that’s bad news for the league seeing as how dominant he was the last few years. Certainly, it’s hard to disagree with anyone who might think that to be the case after the way he started his 2020 season.

Lamar Jackson Clear on Super Bowl Goal

Recently, Jackson was on ESPN explaining what he feels about his career trajectory and what there is left for him to do in the league. Obviously, there’s plenty on the list, but high on it for Jackson seems to be achieving Super Bowl glory, something he’s watched Patrick Mahomes do this season that likely helped him secure the richest contract in NFL history.

As Jackson said shown by, the next step for him is simply to win on the biggest stage of them all, no questions asked.

Jackson said:

“I gotta win a Super Bowl, I gotta get me where he’s at,” Jackson said on the telecast regarding what he has to do in order to get paid. “It’s a crazy number, nobody has ever dreamed about that. They’ve probably dreamed about it but no one expected that, especially half a million dollars but he deserves it.”

Whether Jackson deserves it or not is a current matter of great debate and public discourse but it’s clear that the quarterback is motivated to prove in the future that he deserves it by winning the biggest trophy of them all. Whether his motivations be money or personal desire for glory, give Jackson credit for outlining what he has to do and going after it.

If Jackson keeps playing like he did in Week 1, there might be no question he deserves the award and no question he will be even better than he was last season.

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