Aaron Page Dead: Strongman Dies After COVID-19 Fight

aaron page dead

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Aaron “The Rage” Page, a respected strongman, has died after a battle with COVID-19, according to posts on social media from fellow competitors and an arena tour where he was an athlete.

Although the official cause of death was not released, the deadlifter had tested positive for COVID-19, his girlfriend revealed in a post on Facebook. Page’s girlfriend, Chloe Woodford, wrote on Facebook on November 12 that Page was “currently in hospital in an induced coma where machines are doing the breathing for him, we both tested positive for covid at the end of last week, and has been in since last night, obviously this is a challenging time for me and his family so if [I] don’t reply please don’t take offence, he’s a strong boy he’ll get through this.”

His Twitter page called him, “5th Britain’s Strongest Man 2020.” On Facebook, he wrote:

European deadlift champion ’18
European log champion ’16 & ’17
Giants Live competitor

GIANTS LIVE: WSM Arena Tour confirmed his death on its official Instagram page. “We are shocked and saddened by the dreadful news of Giant’s Live athlete Aaron Page passing away 💔 Our heart felt condolences go out to all of Aaron’s family and friends,” they wrote. “Aaron you will be greatly missed by all of us at Giant’s Live 😢 May you rest in peace ❤️.”

A fellow competitor wrote, “I just received the devastating news that Aaron page has passed away this morning. R.I.P strongman. I had the honour of competing alongside Aaron who was also the driving force behind my log programs. You will be missed.”

On Page’s official Instagram site, he describes himself as Aaron “The Rage” Page co-owner @the_barbell_division @teamaffinity THERAGE @silverbackgymwear RAGE10 @sbdapparel @amg_sports_management @nordicbotanics TEAMNORDIC.”

He also had a YouTube channel.

Fans paid tribute to Page.

A fan on Twitter wrote, “Devastating news this morning! @aaron_page was such a fun and loved strongman who was always willing to give advice! The strength community has lost one of the big personalities. Sending my love and condolences to his family and close friends. RIP rage.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Page Indicated He Was Sick in His Last Instagram Post

Page’s last Instagram post was shared on November 10. In it, he indicated he was recovering from an illness.

“Will be quiet on hear from training videos for a week while i spend some much needed recovery time. Nothing serious dont panic ill still be sharing bits plus we have a wsm YouTube video plus our first strongmen do stupid s#*t,” he wrote.

People have now filled up the comment thread, expressing shock over Page’s death and sharing comments like “rest in peace.”

“My deepest and most heart felf sympathy to your family. Rest easy,” one commenter wrote. A week before Page died, another fan wrote, “Just heard Aaron is in a coma now, get well soon big man 💪💪💪”

Another added, “Very sad news. Condolences to Aaron’s family and friends.”

Posts from earlier in November show Page was able to powerlift massive amounts of weight. He also shared photos of his 12-year-old son, calling him “my best friend, my buddy, my inspiration, my hero!”

Page Recently Wrote About How Life Has a Start, Middle & End

In a somewhat eerie Instagram post he made in early November, Page shared his philosophy for life. He wrote:

Looking back on our lives is something we all do, if it is videos, pictures, tapes or time hops. Why is this? For some it is time to remember, time to smile, time to laugh and some it is to mourn the loss of a loved one.

But one thing we all do or have done in life is look back at what we once were or had… if you say you haven’t you are lying or in denial. You hear comments such as: ‘look how skinny I was’ or ‘look at what I used to lift’ or even ‘look how happy I was’. Looking back is such a powerful tool but to dwell on the past can be so destructive!

People make these comments, smile for a second and the realisation hits them they are not that person anymore. This mental block can break a person over a long period of time. The way I have always looked at life and always will is like a book; in a story there is always, a start, middle and an end. There will be chapters in our story of life; happy moments, proud moments, heart break and achievement…. It all comes down to how you read and interpretate your story.

Yes you have achieved great things in your past but that chapter of your life has ended, you’ve turned the page and now it is time for a new one. Acceptance is key to moving forward, accept that Vol.1 version of you was good but Vol.2 will be even better and enjoy the ride of personal growth. It all comes down to how much you really want it and how hard you are willing to work for it! As Floyd Mayweather said “key to success is hard work and dedication.

So yes, look back and enjoy your past memories and experiences but do not dwell on them. Use them to fuel your next adventure, challenge or pursuit…use your past as a lesson learnt and move forward with a positive mental attitude that you are going to achieve more… say to yourself ‘this is my time, this is for me’.

5 Steps… move forward don’t look back
1. I used to do…
2. I can’t anymore
3. I dont know how
4. I’ll try
5. I did it

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