Matt Ryan on His 2 Biggest Critics: ‘They’re Not Impressed With Me’

Matt Ryan biggest critics

Getty Matt Ryan's biggest critics are two three-year-olds.

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a starting NFL quarterback as your own dad?

Well, according to Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan’s twin sons, Marshall and Johnny, it’s not that cool.

“They do not think I’m cool. They tell me I’m a bad dancer — I get all that kind of stuff from them. And I’m not [a good dancer]. I mean, they’re not wrong,” Ryan said in a recent interview with the New York Post.

“So yeah, they’re not impressed with me.”

The twins might only be three-years-old, but they know what they’re talking about––sort of.

“They know I play football and they know football and that kind of stuff, but I don’t really think they kind of understand what’s going on,” Ryan said.

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The Ice Cubes Are Bigger Fans of Kyle Pitts & Calvin Ridley

While their dad is an MVP quarterback and a potential future Hall of Famer, Ryan’s twins, aka the “Ice Cubes,” are noticeably bigger fans of rookie tight end Kyle Pitts and wide receiver Calvin Ridley.

Ryan’s better half, Sarah, is constantly posting content of Marshall and Johnny obsessing over Pitts and Ridley, and it’s absolutely adorable.

In her most recent post of the twins, they had a morning message for Pitts ahead of the Falcons’ Week 14 matchup against the Panthers.

Dressed in their superhero gear––because, why not?––they said, “Hi Kyle Pitts, we hope you have a good day, man. And um, are you eating eggs like us? We are, but nobody cares about eggs.”

Pitts went on to have 5 catches for 61 yards in the Falcons’ 29-21 win over Carolina and people might say that his special message had a lot to do with his performance.

Earlier this season, we also got to see some content of the twins posing as Pitts and Ridley.

And this isn’t the first time that the Ice Cubes acted as Atlanta’s two top receivers.

It’s unclear whether or not the twins know about Ridley’s absence right now, but hopefully, we can get some clarity on that soon. And who knows, maybe they can reel him back in.

Falcons are “Stuck” With Ryan for At Least 1 More Season

The Falcons are stuck with Ryan for at least one more season. That’s because his contract isn’t very cap-friendly.

Ryan signed a five-year, $150 million extension in 2018, which means he will be the team’s biggest cap hit at over $40 million in 2022 and that’s not a nice number to get out of.

So far this season, Ryan has passed for 3,101 yards (11th) while completing 68.1% of his throws, with 17 touchdowns (16th) and 11 interceptions (22nd).

Being “stuck” with him isn’t such a bad thing. Contrary to what some might say, Ryan is not the problem. If the Falcons can focus on bolstering the offensive line, providing Ryan with at least one more reliable weapon (if Ridley doesn’t come back) and a stronger backfield, along with fixing the defensive holes––then a 2022 playoff picture is almost guaranteed.


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