Metrics Rate Ravens High Amongst NFL Super Bowl Contenders

Marcus Peters

Getty Marcus Peters and the Ravens defense celebrates.

The Baltimore Ravens are 4-1, and in spite of that, they are one of the quietest 4-1 teams in the NFL in terms of hype.

While other squads are getting a ton of love, the Ravens remain a team in the hunt for the Super Bowl, NFL playoffs and success in the AFC. Recently, a quick look at some FPI ratings found that the Ravens still have the second best statistical odds to crack the Super Bowl at 16.5%. That was second only to the Kansas City Chiefs at 23.7%.

As a whole, the Ravens still have a 97.3% chance at the postseason, a 75.2% chance to make the divisional playoffs and a 49.6% chance to make the conference championship. As a whole, the Ravens are 27.9% likely to make the Super Bowl.

These stats mean little now with more games left to be played the story of the 2020 season left to be told, but the Ravens certainly remain in position to do some damage this year in the playoffs as these numbers show.

Lamar Jackson: ‘I Gotta Win a Super Bowl’

Recently, Jackson was on ESPN explaining what he feels about his career trajectory and what there is left for him to do in the league. Obviously, there’s plenty on the list, but high on it for Jackson seems to be achieving Super Bowl glory, something he’s watched Patrick Mahomes do this season that likely helped him secure the richest contract in NFL history.

As Jackson said shown by, the next step for him is simply to win on the biggest stage of them all, no questions asked.

Jackson said:

“I gotta win a Super Bowl, I gotta get me where he’s at,” Jackson said on the telecast regarding what he has to do in order to get paid. “It’s a crazy number, nobody has ever dreamed about that. They’ve probably dreamed about it but no one expected that, especially half a million dollars but he deserves it.”

Whether Jackson deserves it or not is a current matter of great debate and public discourse but it’s clear that the quarterback is motivated to prove in the future that he deserves it by winning the biggest trophy of them all. Whether his motivations be money or personal desire for glory, give Jackson credit for outlining what he has to do and going after it.

Colin Cowherd Predicted Huge Season for Ravens

According to Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd coming into the season, the Ravens were primed to blow through the season and finish with a mark of perfection. Before 2020 began, Cowherd explained why he thinks the Ravens will have a huge season, and he admitted he thinks it has everything to do with the pain they sustained last year and how motivating that figures to be.

Cowherd said:

“Of the 3 great teams in the league, it’s actually been fairly easy for Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes learns from Alex Smith, next year it’s the AFC Championship, next year they win the Super Bowl. Pretty quick. San Francisco, first year Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan are together, they roll the good teams. They go to the Super Bowl. Of the great rosters, (in Baltimore), it’s been more of struggle than you think. It pissed (Lamar Jackson) off. The scariest thing in the world in pro sports is great people who have been humiliated, get out of their way. The AFC is a 2 team race. One of them is holding champagne parades. The other has been humiliated. Watch it. I’ve never said this in my life. Baltimore is the two scariest things in football. Stacked and pissed, because it’s been hard. Ravens 16-0. Count on it.”

An early season defeat ensures the Ravens will not finish perfect in 2020, but last season, the Ravens rattled off 12 straight wins after a 2-2 start to catapult them forward. It’s not a stretch to see something similar happening again through the playoffs this year, given the way the team has been winning lately with solid defense. The team will have to step up and win games in the postseason, of course. That will be a challenge for another day.

Though many might not be talking about the team, the Ravens still have great odds to do damage this season in the playoffs.

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