‘Superman’ Lamar Jackson Delivers His Best Heroics for Ravens

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson celebrates the Ravens big win in Cleveland.

The Baltimore Ravens are trying to stay alive in the AFC playoff race, and a big reason they could get this done is the play of Lamar Jackson.

Early against the Cleveland Browns, Jackson used his legs to run all over the defense. With 124 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns early in the third quarter, Jackson already had the record for rushing on Monday Night Football. His legend grew in a big way in the fourth, however.

While cramps were overtaking his body, the Ravens were falling behind and looking in danger of losing a vital game. An injury to Trace McSorley helped buy Jackson some time, and he was able to come back just in time to fire a touchdown pass to reclaim the lead.

Cleveland tied the game, but Jackson methodically led Baltimore back down the field for the game winning 55 yard field goal. A safety was the cherry on top, and the Ravens ran off with a significant and thrilling 47-42 win.

Considering everything, this was perhaps Jackson’s signature moment in the NFL. Against all odds on a night when he was clearly feeling it in a season where his offense just hasn’t clicked consistently, the quarterback rallied his team for a clutch win they needed badly.

Lamar Jackson’s Heroics Could Shake Up AFC Playoff Race

One common thread from this game? Jackson’s re-emergence as a runner, thrower and all around dominating force could certainly change things in terms of the AFC playoff race. Many pundits noted during the game that Jackson was looking more and more like his old self, which would be bad news for everyone else.

It wouldn’t be hard to see Jackson use this game as an absolute spring board moving forward. Considering the circumstances, he has not had a win of this magnitude in the NFL, and for him to rediscover what has made him successful in such a dramatic way is very notable for the rest of the year and the playoff push.

Lamar Jackson 2020 Stats

Jackson would be the first to admit a lot of the Ravens’ problems this season have fallen on him even in spite of how great he’s been statistically in his career. He’s been far from the dominating presence he was in 2019 when he claimed the MVP award. Through Week 13, Jackson had just 2,055 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Jackson has rushed for 669 yards and 4 touchdowns, but hasn’t made the big plays he was accustomed to making last season on the regular. It’s been a far different year for Jackson than in 2019 when he ran away with the MVP considering his elite play. Safe to say all of that changed in a big way in this big game on Monday night.

Even in spite of that, Jackson continues to make history at quarterback and break the traditional molds at the position. He’s been the MVP, and while he hasn’t won a playoff game, he now has this big win to his credit.

Considering everything that was at stake, this could be his best victory yet.

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