‘It’s All Good:’ Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Brushes off Pro Bowl Snub

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson runs out before a Ravens game.

The Baltimore Ravens had a solid number of players head to the Pro Bowl this season, but one notable admission was quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Last season, Jackson was a shoo-in for the game amid his run to the NFL MVP award, but this year, things have been much different. Jackson hasn’t been as statistically dominating and neither have the Ravens. That led to the quarterback being passed over for the game.

That doesn’t matter according to him, though. Jackson was recently speaking about the Pro Bowl and was asked if he felt like he was snubbed. Not so, and he chooses to focus on who did make it from both his team and elsewhere instead of feeling as if he was passed over.

Jackson said:

“We got guys on our team who made the Pro Bowl and I like our lineup. It’s all good. I feel like those guys who made it to the Pro Bowl deserve it. There’s a lot of great quarterbacks, a lot of great players who are going to be in it. So I’m cool with it.”

The Ravens tied for the NFL lead in terms of Pro Bowl representation with seven players admitted. Even though Jackson wasn’t one of them, it seems he remains very happy with the fact that his teammates and others are getting their chance in the spotlight.

Ravens Players Celebrate Pro Bowl

Jackson is hardly the only player on the Ravens that is thrilled for others following the major Pro Bowl accomplishment. After the announcements were revealed, naturally, the Ravens players took to Twitter to share their excitement over the news and also share the love with their teammates and others. Most of the players, like Marlon Humphrey, were simply sharing their thanks for everyone voting for them and pushing them through into the game.

Patrick Ricard admitted it was an honor to make another Pro Bowl while offering his thanks to everyone that has helped him along the way.

Orlando Brown was counting his blessings as well as reflecting on all that he has gone through to get to where he’s at right now.

Perhaps most notable was the players who didn’t make the Pro Bowl this year, yet were still compelled to reach out and celebrate the accomplishment of their teammates. That shows the true brotherhood the Ravens have, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Lamar Jackson was leading the way with the support, while also getting a helping hand from DeShon Elliott.

As a whole, it’s a great accomplishment for all of these players to get selected to the game, and quite frankly, the Ravens could have had even more players in the game. Jackson is hardly crying about that on his end, though, choosing to again hype his teammates instead of seek personal glory.

Was Lamar Jackson a 2020 Pro Bowl Snub?

Where Baltimore has needed to get back to work this season has been on offense. This season, the Ravens as a whole aren’t scoring nearly enough and could use their passing game to get back on track with Lamar Jackson. It’s taken until the end of the season for the team to get things on track.

In the last three games, the Ravens have put up a gaudy 121 points. Their offense is getting it done on the ground and through the air, which has led to the major resurgence on the field in terms of wins. Jackson himself has had an average season, with only 2,461 passing yards, 21 touchdowns, 828 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. Knowing this, it’s not hard to see why Jackson was a statistical snub.

To him that clearly doesn’t matter, though.

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