Ravens’ Nick Boyle Sends Inspirational Message After Injury [LOOK]

Nick Boyle

Getty Nick Boyle makes a catch in 2019 against Cincinnati.

The Baltimore Ravens lost their tight end Nick Boyle to a critical knee injury on Sunday night, and they are trying to deal with the aftermath of another frustrating loss from the team.

Boyle himself wasn’t despairing after the frustration. He tweeted a message of thanks after the injury to all the fans who are currently supporting him and sending him good wishes. As he also said, this is merely a start in terms of his story, which is to be continued.

As the Ravens account said itself, Boyle is going to be even better when he comes back healthy next season.

It was tough to see Boyle’s injury not only because of the graphic nature of what happened but because of the player it happened to. Boyle is one of the most popular players on the team for his hard work and dedication to the roster and the mindset was on display when he could have been

Ravens Hit With Season Ending Injury Rash

So far this season, the Ravens have struggled to keep players healthy the last few weeks. The rash of injuries started when the team lost defensive back Tavon Young early in the season. A few weeks back, they then lost offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley for the year with injury. Those are a pair of tough losses to absorb, but adding Boyle to the mix is also very rough to stomach because of the position he plays. There isn’t much depth at tight end for the Ravens, so it’s another huge blow for the team.

All 3 of the players the team has lost for the year have been great leaders at key positions, which is tough to see play out for the team. The 6-4 Ravens have struggled at times with their own problems, but they have been bitten hard by the injury bug this season.

Nick Boyle Injury Video

In the second half with the Ravens down 23-10, Lamar Jackson fired a pass to Boyle. The tight end went down awkwardly and was sandwiched between a few New England defenders. It wrenched his knee in an awful way and Boyle quickly left the game with injury.

Here’s a look at the gruesome looking play. Viewer discretion obviously advised:

Losing Boyle for the rest of the season will be a tough blow for the Ravens given the fact that he is one of the toughest players on the field and a player who is huge in the passing game as well as the blocking game. This may have been one of the worst looking injuries of the whole season thus far.

Nick Boyle Career Stats

It was tough for the Ravens to lose Boyle because of all he does for the team that transcend his stat line. There might be a temptation to say that Boyle doesn’t make a huge impact on the Ravens given his modest stat line but that is assuredly not the case. With just 964 receiving yards and 4 scores in his career, Boyle hasn’t seen the ball a ton but has made his mark with team leadership and toughness. A 5th round pick in 2015 out of Delaware, Boyle has earned the respect of his teammates and opponents alike for his toughness in the trenches and his excellent blocking.

Now, the hope is he can fight back and come back healthy in 2021. So far, it looks like he is motivated and ready to make that the case.

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