Former Celtic Makes Bold Proclamation About Their Playoff Chances

Kendrick Perkins

Getty ESPN commentator Kendrick Perkins poses for a photo ahead of a 2019 bout between the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers.

Kendrick Perkins has made quite a name for himself as an NBA analyst since his days as a player ended. Over the past few years, Perkins has been regularly featured on ESPN’s First Take because of how engaging his analysis is. Because he’s a regular contributor on the show, Perkins every now and again is asked to give his thoughts about his former team, the Boston Celtics, whenever they come up. Since the Celtics are currently facing the Milwaukee Bucks, Perkins, who played for the Celtics from 2003 to 2011, was asked to give his thoughts about the series on May 6.

Stephen A. is shocked by Perk’s Finals prediction 👀 | First TakeStephen A. is shocked by Perk’s Finals prediction 👀 | First Take Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kendrick Perkins saying the Boston Celtics will win the NBA Finals. #ESPN #NBA #FirstTake ✔️Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔️ Get the ESPN App: ✔️Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔️ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:…2022-05-06T16:39:56Z

While Perkins and analyst Stephen A. Smith discussed the series, to which both believe that the Celtics will prevail, the real eye-opener was when, after analyst Stephen A. Smith said he has Boston making the finals towards the end of the clip, Perkins responded by saying that he’s “got them winning it all,” much to Smith’s shock.

Some may think that Perkins’ previous ties to Boston as a player would unfairly influence how he perceives them. Keep in mind that earlier in the season, Perkins was one of the public advocates of Boston splitting the tandem of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown up as recently as January when the Celtics were struggling early on in the season.

It’s time to break up Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown! – Kendrick Perkins | NBA TodayIt’s time to break up Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown! – Kendrick Perkins | NBA Today Kendrick Perkins and Chiney Ogwumike discuss whether it’s time to break up the Boston Celtics dynamic duo, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. #NBAToday #NBA ✔️Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔️ Get the ESPN App: ✔️Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:…2022-01-07T22:15:00Z

Perkins Believes Boston Will Beat Milwaukee in Seven Games

By predicting that Boston will win it all, that means by extension that Perkins believes the Celtics will beat the Bucks in this series too. Perkins cited Boston’s defensive personnel and their gameplan on Giannis Antetokounmpo as the reason why they’ll beat the Bucks in the series.

“This Celtic team, the physicality of this frontline is the reason that they’re the no. 1 defensive team in the NBA,” Perkins said. “If they stay healthy, they’re not going anywhere… Giannis may have one (dominant) game, but he’s not going to dominate enough for them to win this series.”

To emphasize the difference between the Celtics and Bucks, Perkins gave his take on what he thinks would go down if they were to potentially face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

“If Giannis takes over this series and the Bucks win this series against the Celtics, I believe that (if) they go on to play the Miami Heat, they would lose,” Perkins said. “But I think if the Boston Celtics win this series, which I got them winning in seven, if they (were) to play the Miami Heat, they would beat the Miami Heat.”

Perkins Has Liked Boston’s Chances for Some Time

In the past, Perkins has expressed his belief that Boston has what it takes to win the title albeit, on April 22, he said they would win on the condition that everyone was healthy, including Robert Williams III, who at the time was expected to play in his first game back since injuring his meniscus.

Four days later, Perkins proclaimed that Boston was the best team in the NBA after they completed their sweep of the Brooklyn Nets, a team that many thought could potentially upset Boston in the first round. Perkins went on to say that Jayson Tatum was the best two-way player in the NBA.

Whether his ties to the Celtics play a role in how he feels about them or not, Perkins has a bold take on them no matter what direction they’re headed. If they’re struggling, Perkins will be the first to say it’s time for them to start over. If they’re thriving, Perkins will be the first to say they could win the title.

No matter if audiences agree with Kendrick Perkins or not, his analysis grabs people’s attention.

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