Grant Williams Sounds Off on Celtics ‘Phenomenal’ Sixth Man

Grant Williams

Getty Grant Williams #12, Boston Celtics

It has not taken long for Malcolm Brogdon to leave an impression on the Boston Celtics. In his first ten games with the team, Brogdon is averaging 14.2 points, four rebounds, and 3.8 assists a game while shooting 46.7 percent from the field and 36.1 percent from three. The Celtics are also a plus-6.7 when Brogdon takes the floor.

Among those who have taken notice of the impact Brogdon has had on the Celtics is Grant Williams, who praised Brogdon for his leadership skills in the second unit.

“He does a phenomenal job of leading us and making sure that we understand how valuable we are to the team and how much impact we can have,” Williams said.

Williams then went into detail on what Brogdon does on the basketball court and how that’s helped the team overall.

“He does a good job of penetrating into the paint and spreading out the shooters around him and creating shots for himself. He provides different values and opportunities to a team that needed it. He’s been very, very powerful in his way of approach every single day. He’s been very good in his ability. He’s been just true to himself, and he’s allowed himself to blossom with the success we have with one another.”

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Williams Admits He Annoys Jayson Tatum

During the same interview with NBC Sports Boston, Williams admitted that he has embraced his role in irritating Jayson Tatum.

“I feel like I embrace the fact that I annoy him,” Williams said. “That’s probably the number one thing. I annoy a lot of people, so it’s one of those things that you learn to love me. I know that for him, I try my best to keep him in a good attitude, good mind because he’s our leader. He’s the cog that makes us run.”

Williams later acknowledged that he likes to make not just Tatum happy but everyone else happy to the point where he feels like it’s his job.

“For us, it’s just a matter of keeping that perspective every single day. Make sure that we’re having fun throughout the year because it can be long, as you guys know. That’s probably the biggest thing. To bring that light every single day, trying to make not only (Tatum) happy but everybody else around me. That’s probably the one job that I see that I have.”

Brogdon Challenged the Second Unit

After the Celtics defeated the Chicago Bulls on Nov. 4, Brogdon talked about the challenge he issued to the Celtics’ second unit in his postgame presser.

“I’ve been telling them, ‘We’ve got to be the best second team in the league. We gotta embrace that. We are the second team. We’re going to be the best in the league, and we’re going to take full ownership of that,’” Brogdon said.

Brogdon then talked about how disappointed he was in their performance against the Bulls in their first matchup and why he believes it’s important for them to play well.

“I thought it was unacceptable how we came out when we were in Chicago,” Brogdon said. “The first team came out and played a great first seven, eight minutes, and we came out and really laid an egg. I did not want to repeat that, especially against this Chicago team… I want us to be prepared and learn how to beat this team and beat good teams down the stretch. Especially coming in and just being ready and adding onto what the first team is doing.”

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