Unlikely Celtics Shake-Up Involving LeBron James is Lakers ‘Nightmare,’ Says Insider

LeBron James, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum

Getty LeBron James #6, Los Angeles Lakers, Jayson Tatum #0 and Marcus Smart #36, Boston Celtics

In a December 30 CBS Sports story, Sam Quinn ranked every team in the NBA’s chances of landing Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. The Boston Celtics were in Tier 6 and No. 14, while being titled “Jeanie Buss’ Worst Nightmare.” Quinn explained why such a trade scenario would fit that description.

“Jeanie Buss has spoken on the record about her desire to surpass Boston’s 17 championships, which was originally her father’s goal. With Los Angeles also sitting on 17 titles, there is simply no universe in which Buss hands Boston the tools it needs to get to No. 18 before the Lakers do.”

Quinn also pointed out how rare the Lakers and Celtics have agreed to trades in the past, knowing their history as long-time rivals and how that adds to the unlikelihood that the Lakers would trade someone like James to the Celtics.

“The Lakers and Celtics have actually traded three times in their history. The most notable player involved in those deals, though, was a 36-year-old Gary Payton. James is in another stratosphere.”

The Celtics acquired Payton in 2004, where he spent the majority of the next season before going to the Miami Heat, with whom he’d win a championship the following season.

Jayson Tatum Shouts Out LeBron

While the Lakers were taking on the Atlanta Hawks on December 30, Tatum took to Twitter to voice his appreciation for James’ scoring abilities, believing that one day LeBron will take the reins as the highest scorer of all-time.

“Sitting here watching the lakers play…. Sometime later this season Bron gone be able to say he’s scored more points than anyone to ever play this game… lol that’s wild,” Tatum tweeted.

Before the Lakers took on the Hawks, LeBron is currently no. 2 among individual NBA players with total points scored, behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In his 20-year NBA career, Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 points. James has scored 37,813 points.

One key difference between the two of them is three-point shooting. Abdul-Jabbar made only one three-point shot throughout his career, compared to James, who has made 2,195 threes throughout his NBA career.

LeBron has signed on for two more years with the Lakers, so even if he does not surpass Abdul-Jabbar this season, he’s got two more seasons to get the job done.

Teams ‘Investigating’ Payton Pritchard Trade

Heavy Sports’ insider Steve Bulpett revealed that teams have started looking into potentially trading for Payton Pritchard, whose minutes have seen a sharp decline due to the acquisition of Malcolm Brogdon.

“Not surprisingly, Pritchard’s new situation has other teams sniffing around. Clubs have been investigating whether he might be worth pursuing in a trade,” Bulpett said.

One NBA personnel man told Bulpett that though he may have issues, but because of his effort and floor spacing abilities, he along with other NBA teams are checking in on him.

“You’ve got to wonder about him defensively at that size (listed at 6-1), but he plays hard, he can really push the ball, and he’s got a nice stroke from 3,” the personnel man said to Bulpett. “I like what I see, but it’s hard to say for sure if he could do more with a better opportunity. And first, you have to ask if he’s better than what you have and if he’ll even get more of a look with your team. It’s hard to say, but I know I’m not the only team checking on him. It’s always natural in these situations.”

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