Ben Simmons Calls Nets the 76ers ‘On Steroids’ Ahead of New Season

Ben Simmons and JJ Redick

Getty Ben Simmons #25 of the Philadelphia 76ers celebrates with JJ Redick #17 against the Chicago Bulls

Ben Simmons played with JJ Redick as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers for two seasons and the two reunited on the recent episode of JJ Redick’s Old Man and the Three podcast. The two reminisced about their time in Philadelphia together, his feelings about the narrative that he can’t shoot, as well as his thoughts following his trade to the Brooklyn Nets and what to expect from them next season. 

The Nets are set to team up and see the debut of their core of Simmons, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant in the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season. After battling injuries, Simmons is set to make his debut in a Nets uniform. 

Simmons: Nets are Like Philly On Steroids

Redick noted that he always thought that Simmons would be an ideal fit on the Nets teams, especially with their elite shooters and how he can create for them. Simmons talked about the exciting potential that the Nets have while comparing it to he and Redick’s Sixers teams but on steroids. 

“I think just like the talent that we have and the type of players that we have. We’re going to be able to run the floor easily. You know Claxton can run it and moves incredibly well, Kev, Patty, Kai, Joe, we just got Royce, another great three-and-d guy. I’m missing people, but I think this team right now is a great fit for what I do and what I bring to the game. I feel like it is Philly on steroids,” Simmons said. “It’s exciting knowing that I’m going to play with those guys and knowing their games. Like, I don’t have to guard Kai and Kevin?” 

Simmons was relieved that he will no longer have to prepare to guard Durant or Irving defensively and shared that the two were a tough defensive matchup. 

Simmons went on to talk about Kevin Durant being unguardable and that “no ones guarding Kevin or Kai.” 

Bucher’s Now Debunked Group Chat Report

The podcast was an excellent opportunity for Simmons, who doesn’t do many media appearances, to discuss the criticism he gets as well as settle some rumors, and one of the rumors that he got do deny was that he in fact, did not leave the Nets group chat ahead of their playoff game against the Boston Celtics. 

“I’ve been assured that this is correct in spite of another report that says it never happened,” Bucher said according to via HoopsHype. “And that’s as far as I’ll go with that, too. I’m not going to punch down. Ben Simmons was in a group chat with some of the other teams players. And on it, they asked Ben if he was playing in game four. And not only did he not answer, he dropped out of the chat. Now, as I said, there’s another reporter out there who suggested the event never happened. I’m well aware that that reporter has, let’s say he has vested interests in painting things a certain way. And again, I will leave it at that his comments prompted me to go back and double-check with my source. And that source insists that it did indeed happen, and explain why someone might report it another way. So I’m sticking with it.”

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