Kevin Durant Sounds off on the LeBron James, Michael Jordan Debate

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Getty LeBron James with Kevin Durant.

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant recently sat down for an interview with famed NBA Sixth Man of the Year winner Jamal Crawford. During the interview, the two played a game of word association. During the game, Durant affirmed that he believes Michael Jordan is still the GOAT, but LeBron is undoubtedly the most accomplished player of all time.

Crawford: [LeBron]

Durant: The greatest. The most accomplished. About to pass Kareem like damn that’s gonna be a day.

Crawford: Jordan

Durant: The GOAT

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One of the biggest active debates in sports today is who is the greatest basketball player of all-time between Jordan and LeBron. Jordan is the more decorated superstar as he has more championships, Most Valuable Player awards, scoring titles, and has been Defensive Player of the Year in his career.

But LeBron has the argument of longevity on his side as he is still one of the NBA’s best players in his 20th season. As LeBron inches closer to dethroning Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, these debates will only intensify.

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Kyrie Irving: Kobe Bryant ‘Greatest To Play This Game’

It is no secret that Nets star Kyrie Irving was heavily influenced by Kobe. The All-Star guard was one of Bryant’s mentees in the last days of his NBA career.

When the greatest players of all time are discussed, the names that usually come up are LeBron and Jordan. But as one of the players that were privileged enough to be taken under Kobe’s wing, Irving says there is no doubt in his mind that Bryant is the greatest player ever.

“When I say [Kobe is] the greatest to play this game, it doesn’t mean I’m knocking anybody else, all right? F***, let me finish my story, “Irving said during a Twitch live stream session on May 10 via @pinatafarms on Twitter. “The greatest to play this game to me! I don’t give a f*** what you talking about. I don’t care about your stats.”

Kyrie Irving Petitions To Make Kobe Bryant New NBA Logo

After the untimely passing of Bryant in a helicopter crash in January 2020, a petition surfaced online to change the silhouette of the NBA logo to the likeness of the late Laker legend. Millions of people across the world signed the petition, urging NBA officials like Commissioner Adam Silver to consider the alteration.

Irving is in the multitude who believe the change needs to happen. Not only does he believe it needs to happen, but Irving says it is something Kobe “deserves”.

“He was the standard for our generation, and he will continue on, and I want that to be something in history that is changed forever, that our generation was part of that change,” Irving said of why Kobe should be the logo in 2021 via SNY.

“And, you know, if that means that I have to lead that forward and get the conversation going, then great. But I think he deserves it. I think his family deserves it. I think we deserve it as seeing greatness personified as Mamba. And anyone that’s coming into the league should know that that’s the example that was set.”

LeBron, Jordan, and Kobe are three of the best players of all time. As far as the debates go, the best thing to do is appreciate their greatness.

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