Kevin Durant Sends NBA Strong Warning About Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama

Getty Victor Wembanyama #1 of Boulogne-Levallois Metropolitans 92 is shown during warms-ups before an exhibition game against G League Ignite

The NBA preseason kicked off and is fully underway, and perhaps the biggest storyline has been the projected number one overall pick Victor Wembanyama, the 7-foot-4 big man out of France. Wembanyama currently plays for France’s Metropolitans 92, who is in Las Vegas playing in showcases against fellow draft prospect Scoot Henderson and more. The matchup between Henderson and Wembanyama was watched by NBA fans and scouts alike. One player that the French big man is getting frequently compared to is Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets

“To watch the 7-foot-4 Wembanyama play in person is incredible,” she wrote. “His staggering height obviously stands out, but the way he moves with the ball and his impressive shooting mechanics (with an 8-foot wingspan) don’t seem real. He’s a cross between Kevin Durant and Rudy Gobert.”

Because of his ability to shoot, handle the ball, and height he is getting comparisons to Durant for being able to do it all. However, Wembanyama is also a rim protector on the defensive end that can block shots and rebound, which sees him getting compared to three-time Defensive Player of the Year Award winner and fellow Frenchman Rudy Gobert. 

Kevin Durant on Victor Wembanyama

After the Nets’ second preseason game against the Miami Heat, Kevin Durant was asked by the media if he had seen the highly-touted Wembanyama and what his thoughts were. 

“The evolution of the game has taken it this far, you know what I’m saying. We’ve got a 7-foot-5 dude who is able to do everything on the court.” Durant said with a smile. “It’s inspiring to a lot of people. I heard his comments where somebody compared him to a few players in the league, and he was like, ‘I think I’ll do myself a disservice if I compare myself to one or two players in the league, I want to take from everybody.’ I thought that was a pretty profound statement. It made me a big fan of his. So the league’s, the leagues really in trouble when he comes in. I wanna see how it plays out. Everybody’s been excited for it and we’ll see what happens.”

Wembanyama scored 37 points Tuesday night against the G League Ignite and Scoot Henderson, the projected No. 2 pick. Wembanyama plays for the French pro team Metropolitan 92. Multiple players have sent praises his way as he is expected to be the number one overall pick with teams vying to draft him in the upcoming draft.


Other NBA Stars on Victor Wembanyama

LeBron James also shared major praise for the draft prospect. 

“Everybody has been labeling this unicorn thing,” James said. “Everybody has been a unicorn for the last two years, but he’s more like an alien. I’ve never seen — no one has ever seen anyone as tall as he is, but as fluid and as graceful as he is out on the floor.

“… His ability to put the ball on the floor, shoot step-back jumpers out of the post, step-back 3s, catch-and-shoot 3s, block shots … He’s for sure a generational talent.”

Fellow French big man Rudy Gobert also warned the league about his immense talent saying, “We’ve never seen anything like Victor.”

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