Bills Player Delivers Strong Response to Adrian Peterson’s Criticism

Damar Hamlin

Getty Damar Hamlin makes an appearance at the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is responding to criticism from NFL legend Adrian Peterson over his choice of attire at the Super Bowl.

Peterson had taken to Instagram to criticize a jacket that Hamlin wore featuring a stylized depiction of Jesus Christ, which the former Minnesota Vikings star viewed as blasphemous. Hamlin responded on February 15, taking to Twitter to say he had no intention to offend anyone and adding a warning against making judgments.

“After talking with my parents I understand how my coat could have offended some people,” Hamlin tweeted. “It was never my intentions to hurt or disrespect anyone, the coat is abstract art to me. It says Eternal which I am Eternally thankful to my Savior!

“My beliefs and Relationship with God is not tied to symbolic images. I will learn from this and continue to walk in Love as I ALWAYS have,” Hamlin wrote, ending with a reference to a Bible verse instructing not to judge others.

Bills Fans Support Hamlin

Hamlin was in the spotlight during Super Bowl week in Phoenix, making some of his first public appearances since collapsing on the field in a January 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hamlin suffered what doctors said was cardiac arrest after a collision with Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, and medical staff performed CPR on the field and administered an AED.

Hamlin spent nine days in the hospital but has since recovered, and on Sunday appeared on the field before the Super Bowl with training and medical staff members from the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals and others from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Hamlin also turned heads with what Fox San Antonio reported was a $3,150 jacket from artist Takashi Murakami featuring a cartoon-ish image of Jesus Christ on the back. It prompted a response from Peterson, who criticized Hamlin over his choice.

“You should be thanking God son!” Peterson wrote on Instagram, via TMZ. “This is Blasphemy!! We all fall short but c’mon man! I find this disrespectful.”

Many Bills fans came to Hamlin’s defense, especially after his statement on Wednesday.

“Given the fact that you just fought for your life and successfully did so, something like your coat choice isn’t exactly something you need to fret about,” one supporter tweeted. “Keep on spreading love and kindness that you have been.”

Others were more directly critical of Peterson, saying he stepped over the line with his criticism of Hamlin.

Hamlin’s Football Future Remains Uncertain

While Hamlin made what the team called a “remarkable” recovery in the days and weeks after the incident, it is not clear when he could take the field again for the Bills. In the days before the Super Bowl, NFLPA medical director Thom Mayer said he believes Hamlin will be able to play in the NFL again, and Hamlin has also said that he plans to play.

“Eventually. That’s always the goal, like I said, as a competitor, you know, I’m trying to do things to keep advancing my situation,” Hamlin said, via ESPN. “But I’m allowing that to be in God’s hands. I’m just thankful he gave me a second chance.”

But neither Hamlin nor the Bills have given a potential timeline for his return, including whether he could participate in offseason activities with the team.

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